Sunday, December 02, 2007

Small Parade and My Big Appetite

Saturday began with thoughts of fast food. Well, what's new?! I like eating on the weekend. It's wise to eat during the week too, even if sometimes I forget to do it. But what I'm really saying is it's fun to eat fast food with friends or family when we can take our time and don't have to hurry so much.

Before going out for a bite to eat yesterday, I went to the local parade because my Dad and Mom were IN THE PARADE. Dad was the parade's Grand Marshal. (No, Dolly, the cute dog with a big appetite, was not in the parade. haha)

It's called the Winter Wonderland Parade. When I was a kid, we used to help decorate the floats, or just acted silly and kept asking when the parade was going to start, then we would find a good spot to watch the parade and grab candy when they threw it to us kids. As I recall, those were great times.

We didn't have to worry about gaining weight and when we went out for pizza after the parade, I remember eating almost a whole pizza once, or at least four or five pieces. I also caught a fish longer than I was tall one summer, or at least it was a keeper. LOL

Anyway, yesterday I was getting hungry walking around in the cold with two cameras, waiting for the parade to begin. I almost forgot to say it's cold here, so it could snow before long.

Since I hadn't eaten much before going to the parade, I just stuck around for a while, snapped some photos, and then met my folks over at Dairy Queen for a late lunch.

I will post some parade photos next time.