Friday, June 06, 2008

Funny Moments Without Too Much Fiction, Zero is the Price of Admission

This is Friday night and most people are feeling good. For some reason, however, I don't have anything funny to write about, though I will manage to come up with something. This is an opportunity for me to show how real I am. Dolly, the cute black dog, also is very real. Sometimes too real. haha

Let's begin with a list of words we don't like, stringing them together in one sentence in order to get past it as quickly as possible. Are you ready? We can't stand divorce, dog food, cavities, the word "NO" (in some instances), dating, waiting, and everything that's 'frustrating'... Ok now, I did 'go through' that first one a long time ago. Dolly was unhappy about what those other two nasty words stand for, more times than she can count. Yeah, you're right she can't count, but I thought that would be a clever line.

These days she doesn't like dog food unless there's yummy food people eat mixed in, or even better on top, coz then she has an easier time avoiding the dog food. Cavities? Uh, none this time. I brush and floss like most people, but I still eat candy, cookies and a bunch of yummy foods that the dentist doesn't need to know I eat. haha

Unripe currants

Dolly doesn't like the word "NO". This is the truth: Already this year I've spotted her in the garden, digging holes and told her to stop. She just sort of looked around pretending she didn't hear me. Yes, she is very intelligent. The last post was flavored with quite a bit of humor. But it it is true that Dolly has in past years eaten fruit off the ground, including little plums and apples. The fruit isn't ripe yet. Last summer, I made currant syrup using fresh red currants but didn't have many of them, although there were plenty of black currants.

Did I forget any words on my 'don't like' list? Oh yeah... dating, waiting and frustrating. Yep! Dating does involve too much waiting for love, then sometimes love can disappear and that really hurts. Sadness and frustration can be the result. It's a good thing Dolly doesn't have to worry about the male of her species, coz she's been... well, I should be polite here and tell a fib: she's chosen not to have children. haha (Ok, she can't have puppies.) Anyway, it's too much of an added responsibility, given all her current 'duties', pestering us for pizza, whining for pie and generally craving all the foods that people love.

Humor is one way to get through tough times. My goal is to provide people with a unique blend of fast food opinion and entertainment.

However, if you are going through a difficult stretch in your life, for example caused by the loss of a relationship which I can relate to, I do hope you will find happiness and know that there are people, like me, who care.