Thursday, November 20, 2008

Voted Early, Ate Fast Food Earlier

About two and a half weeks before Election Day, I went in search of fast food. It was Friday afternoon. Shortly after eating my snacks, which for me was a small meal, I decided to vote because I had received my ballot in the mail. It was a great Friday evening because I voted for Barack Obama, who is President-elect and will be our president in two months.

This isn't a blog about politics. But like I said before, the topics that guys-- hanging out eating fast food-- talk about will also be brought up once in a while.

Anyway, I ate my snacks first. No, I wasn't all that hungry but did need something to eat. Good thing the local Burger King and McDonald's restaurants are very close together. I went to the two drive-thrus and then back to the place. I was glad to have my own choice of menu items from McDonald's and Burger King. It was my type of combo-snack, with foods I like.

Did they get along? you say. Huh?! It's food! Did you think fast foods would be debating each other? I sure hope in my nightmares fast foods don't go into politics. That would be too scary. But it's probably what I get for voting and eating fast food on the same day and writing about both topics in the same post. haha