Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday AM, Just Past Midnight, and not much open

I went to a Burger King
drive-thru and ordered a Mocha Joe
iced coffee. (It says "Mocha Joe" on the
order slip.)

This is the the most delicious iced coffee-type of beverage I've had in weeks. But it's been a while since I've been to McDonald's for their iced coffee. Guess where I'm going tonight?!

Anyway, I like the this picture because it reminds me of how I looked years ago. And while it's nobody else's business how many years ago that was, I had a Kiss T-shirt on in one picture. The rock group Kiss was one of my favorite bands back then, and I went to one of their concerts. Talk about excitement and fun! I even wrote about the concert. That was a lot of fun too. Some people wish they could relive past experiences. I'd rather just turn on the radio and listen to rock music, while I'm drinking iced coffee. That's what I'll be doing tonight! Take it easy.Posted by Picasa