Friday, December 31, 2010

Is that a Vulcan wave?

No, it was very human. But I was tired and felt like I'd traveled backwards in time from a distant planet to Earth, Our-date was September, 2010 and while it clearly was a fascinating experience, as I recall I had a headache and perhaps my thinking was quite illogical. So I asked Mom if she wanted to go to McDonald's, and we did.

Q: Am I really here?

A: Yes. At least I think so. But not *HERE* here (because while I'm not too big to be a blogger, I am too big to fit in a blog -- that really would be 'self published'-- although I do wait to see if the people who brought us modern pop can shrink me down enough to understand and accept it), but since it's almost 2011 and people wonder about what's next for me, I'll give a very human answer, and simply say "I don't know."

Do you know? Well, I don't mean do you know what's next for me. That would be cool though, but don't tell me unless it's something good... like you are a beautiful ex-maid, no wait I mean a former Japanese idol (you know, like retired at 25) who likes to wear a maid's costume, and you want to go on vacation to a tropical paradise with me. Of course I'm joking, but that does sound rather err... worthwhile. haha


I wish you all the best in 2011, including but not limited to good friendships, much love, excellent health, a lot of success and happiness.


Q: Do you ever eat cereal with milk?

A. Yes.
This is a picture from... oh, maybe 20 minutes ago. It's 100% lactose free milk because I don't want to feel like a 100% giant balloon in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And not just because the parade is over for the year. Like, I don't wanna hear umm some lady saying, "Hey kids, look at the bloated man balloon." I want to start the new year off on the ground.

Another time, actually many times I went looking for McDonald's this year, and found it

I know what it may seem like from the picture, but McDonald's and the Golden Arches most likely don't have special powers to transport themselves into outer space. But if I ever go beyond this planet, I do hope that McDonald's is there too.

Q: Would they serve regional cuisine of Pluto?

A: Is it a giant rock or a planet?

Some dude reading this is like: That A should have been: What do cartoon dogs eat?

My Q to that A: Dude, what?!

I went to pick up some pizza this year

No, this isn't the dog doing the writing.

less A, More Q: Will something happen in 2011?

A. Yes

When asking, Does he ever do anything for anyone?

Just remember the Q & A (last post, below) was brought to you by Me.

Q: Are French Fries ever lonely?

A: Not for long.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hostess Holiday Fruitcake

I like this Fruitcake. It tastes good, but honestly I used to make fruitcake when I was younger and mine (from a recipe) was better. The fruitcake in the picture was fine and some of it is still in the refrigerator, so I think I'll have a small piece of it now. Bye.

I love Fruitcake

We ate fruitcake before Christmas!

Totally hot, and cold too

Our beautiful dog was elegant in (over) the wiener dog shadow a year ago. This is not a dress, but designers will owe me big time if they rip off the dress, I mean if they rip off the idea for the wiener dog shadow dress. You knew what I meant.

The Oh-No's, Decade of Wienners remembered

There were lots of wienners -- not winners -- in the '00s decade.

This really is fitting, and that's because of all the 'wienners' in the '00s decade, which I'm affectionately calling the 'Oh-No's' in this pOHst. Just remember, don't blame us regular folks because we're way cool, right?! And, what's more, we weren't the ones who caused the big problems on the planet. I decided I'm not going to write about much about unsavory bad stuff in the world because that's no fun! All I know is that a number of professional baseball home run hitters, some business leaders, and as we have become accustomed to many political leaders were wienners, not winners in the Oh-No's. They tried to make us all want to believe in becoming a 'winner' but they showed us that many winners aren't really that at all.

This isn't a real commentary, but it's not a fake one either. I don't want to get too serious and ruin my reputation for goofing off, which is what I like to do when hanging out and eating fast food.

Note: I guess wieners is how most people spell it but in this case I want it to be 'wienners' to say they weren't real winners because of them telling lies and cheating. I hope those we admire and look up to will do better.

I am not a sitcom character

Please check out my music blog. I chose to call it The Overcast Inside. Maybe the name "The Overcast Inside" sounds like it could be a very strange and long song or medley with an interesting mixture of grunge and progressive rock, and that's just fine with me.

I like to think of it as a nice place where everyone can hang out. But nobody has to know your name. I think that was on the sitcom Cheers where they all knew their names or something like that but I'm not sure about the customers who left at closing time. Maybe they forgot the names, or just mispronounced them.

Also, what about all the extras, you know the ones just seated at tables, those actors who didn't have any (or not many) lines. I mean, did they know all the names too? I think I missed that episode where Cliff and Norm (two cool guys, I mean TV sitcom characters) went around the bar and named every one. I mean did they go up to each and every person, and say out loud the actors names and their characters names. I think that would have been a classic episode.

Maybe it happened, but I don't recall seeing that one. Perhaps it was two episodes, because to please me they would have to get every name right. All I remember that was significant to me about that TV show was when the series ended, the girl I used to talk with on the phone in the evening who told me she had to get off the phone to watch the sitcom, wound up marrying someone else. That was later, well not later that evening but you know what I am saying. That was fine with me. I guess I'm just not funny enough though I'll survive it. I can't compare with the legends, but I do know there's hope, out there somewhere, wait I think it's truth not hope that's out there. But there wasn't too much truth in the '00s decade. I'll try to give it some more thought-- not too much thought-- and post something on this subject.

Do I have any special Christmas traditions?

That I came up with just to keep boredom away from me? Well, I really ought to because I get bored sometimes. But actually it's more like me being discouraged because of change. Now don't get me wrong, I'd like change if the change was what I wanted it to be. Usually change is bad because it means losing old relationships (not sexual ones, I don't talk about sex here LOL) and losing friends and needing to find new friends, or fantasies that my friends all wear the newest bikini (well, actually each one has a bikini) and they nice long (or short) pretty hair. And they don't read what I write about fast food, or at least they don't get too encouraged to eat too much food because it's almost Spring. No, there's been snow for more than a month, but it's just barely winter, and by barely, I wasn't making any subtle references to really anything. What I was getting to is, I don't mind the new fashions. I mean, have you been watching the Lady Gaga videos. If not, then I guess I've found the one person who didn't yet. Okay, now (10 minutes later) you have, but I'm not a Lady Gaga promoter. I prefer Madonna and she's still hot and all! But that has nothing to do with whether I have special Christmas traditions to avoid boredom. Well, I try to eat some new foods now and then and sometimes it happens around Christmas! I know that's not very sexy, but this is a food blog, of course with the kinds of things you might here guys talking about if you really wanted to hear guys talking, for example when they are eating fast food, but maybe it's best that you don't listen to such talk. Oh, you already read my blog from start to finish, alright then stick around. Thanks for swinging by. I meant that in a very moral, upstanding way.

Because I said

Guess what I put in the Halo-Halo, this close-up shot is better. Although some the dessert is difficult to see without special halo-halo glasses which would also help people at church potlucks, to know ahead of time what is in "THIS", as in when a nice, sweet, little old lady asks you, honey would you like some of THIS!. If you have the glasses on, then you might make a more informed decision. Sorry, I haven't invented those glasses yet. I should fit being an inventor into my schedule because I want to go back to potlucks. There could be some hot chicks at those potlucks, but more likely I would find fried chicken from KFC, or somewhere else, and that's almost as good as going to a bikini beach. Well no, nothing is that good.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Halwa-Halo, or Halo-Halo plus

I added two large spoonfuls of my improvised halwa, which I made to taste a little sweet but more salty because I like the way it tastes with sweet ice cream. Try to figure out the other ingredients I put in this halo-halo dessert. I just finished eating about an hour ago and now it's almost midnight. Hmm...what should I eat next? No, I think I'll stop for now. But I look forward to later!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I am not a sitcom character

Please check out my music blog. I chose to call it The Overcast Inside. Maybe the name "The Overcast Inside" sounds like it could be a very strange and long song or medley with an interesting mixture of grunge and progressive rock, and that's just fine with me.

I like to think of it as a nice place where everyone can hang out. But nobody has to know your name. I think that was on the sitcom Cheers where they all knew their names or something like that but I'm not sure about the customers who left at closing time. Maybe they forgot the names, or just mispronounced them.

Also, what about all the extras, you know the ones just seated at tables, those actors who didn't have any (or not many) lines. I mean, did they know all the names too? I think I missed that episode where Cliff and Norm (two cool guys, I mean TV sitcom characters) went around the bar and named every one. I mean did they go up to each and every person, and say out loud the actors names and their characters names. I think that would have been a classic episode.

Maybe it happened, but I don't recall seeing that one. Perhaps it was two episodes, because to please me they would have to get every name right. All I remember that was significant to me about that TV show was when the series ended, the girl I used to talk with on the phone in the evening who told me she had to get off the phone to watch the sitcom, wound up marrying someone else. That was later, well not later that evening but you know what I am saying. That was fine with me. I guess I'm just not funny enough though I'll survive it. I can't compare with the legends, but I do know there's hope, out there somewhere, wait I think it's truth not hope that's out there. But there wasn't too much truth in the '00s decade. I'll try to give it some more thought-- not too much thought-- and post something on this subject.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The moon wasn't as

funny as I thought it would be. Well no, actually I knew it wouldn't be funny, nor was it supposed to be. However, I am not an astronomer, a scienist, nor am I a sci-fientist. Better to be a scottist. So then, if you really think it's a good idea?! (well, it ain't), but you can still be like me, although I wouldn't, if I were you that is, but I'm me, so that's why I wanna be like me. Gosh, that was hard to explain. Anyway, don't be like me, but if you wanna be me late at night, when nobody is around and they can't see you being like me, then go outside on a dark, cold night/early morning set the digital camera to video, point it up and start videotaping the starlit sky, and of course narrate what you are seeing up there. Maybe the neighbors will shoot off fireworks, and you might here creepy sounds coming from the garage, and start wondering whether space aliens are videotaping you, trying to videotape them in their flying saucer. One of them could even come up, tap you on the shoulder, and ask you to dance. Just don't look at Mr. Alien the way some girls used to look at me when I walked around the dance floor asking a pretty girl to dance. My guess is you don't want to reject them. And their camera has some other settings, and you never know what they might do once they learn how to blog. Yeah, like umm... imagination required.

NotE: This was before and on the way to the full eclipse and I was full of it. By it, I don't don't mean anything bad. Just like to joke around a lot.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Let me see

What is this? Let me use the flashlight and find out. Oh yeah, it's fast food, and that's right I just went through the drive-thru and because I was hungry for late dinner. Where am I? Oh I think some of you guessed Jack in the Box. This was after midnight early Saturday AM and not many people out.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Quite simply one of the best milk shakes

I like this shake flavor. This is a large Bubblegum Milk Shake from Wheeler's Handout in Nampa, Idaho. It was $3.70 but it's a thick shake and gives me some extended happiness of more than a hour.

Tuesday, I ordered this milk shake again (not pictured, and the photo is from about a week earlier), then we drove to Macy's department store to do Christmas shopping, though we were looking to get some ideas, and when I got tired I came out to the vehicle and drank more of the shake. I will have more on this shake another time.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Oven dried bread

This was another time (before) when I dried pieces of bread in the oven, just to prove I really did it. Dried bread feels better in my stomach than bread or toast, although I do like toast with butter.

This should be a fast food

This is my own sage stuffing. I made it this week, almost a week after Thanksgiving, so we just can't get too much of a good thing. It's delicious. It has a somewhat dark green color because I used fresh sage leaves which were dried in the oven and I rubbed it between my fingers into a fluffy powder to mix with other dry ingredients.
The bread crumbs are what I made first by drying pieces of bread in the oven.
There were some other steps to my recipe, but I'm sure all you cooks can figure it out. Anyway, the stuffing spends time in the oven at the end, and just like TV cooking show magic, it's done before anyone can start pounding their silverware on the table and demand to eat, right away!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


is for Yummy!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First time, share!

Then keep the other half of pie for yourself. A slice of pecan pie is great for breakfast.

It's all gone now, so I'm going to have to find a new sugar high.

A slice a morning

keeps my unhappiness away. It was all gone by this morning.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's much better to Spin in than spin out

I'm going to to watch music videos and listen to the songs, also maybe catch up on new songs on the radio today rather than go out. It's been snowing and it's not safe to drive around and I was just told that cars were sliding around on the road. I wanted to do my after Thanksgiving LOOKING two days after Thanksgiving Day instead of going to the SHOPPING the day after Thanksgiving Day like just everybody else. Yesterday, the roads were clear but I was too tired because I ate too much turkey ETC. on Thanksgiving Day.

Today's word is "spin" and it's really the key word in The Overcast Inside -- my music blog -- for the four days from Thanksgiving (Thursday) to Sunday. So I'm going over there and "spin in". Featured are three of my favorite songs of 2010. I will go into more detail there this weekend. I don't own the rights to the songs, the videos, or any content with them. I write my reviews and opinion along with those videos by using "share" on YouTube, with the goal of showing that the songs reviewed or mentioned in my writing are very good songs, and many of the songs are among the best of all time. I want to continue to encourage people to buy albums, CDs, singles by download, go to concerts.

Thanksgiving scene

This was the view, and where were you? Oh that's right, I didn't invite you but that's only because you probably live in another state or country. Although you are with me in thought, even though I don't know you. That's because I'm thankful you decided to drop by my blog. I wish all my readers the best in their lives, much success and happiness the rest of this year and always!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


When I went to a McDonald's near the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington three years ago, I had iced coffee one day and the Arctic Orange Shake on a different day. Both were great as was the atmosphere in this McDonald's restaurant.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learn guitar and how to sing and one day you could have candy with your name on it

I don't usually review or write about candy, but I wanted to try these Special Edition M&M's. (October of last year) The reason was I bought some other M&M's that cost too much to eat. So I wanted to have some candy that wouldn't make me feel sad about eating it. haha Yeah, it does sound kind of funny.

This is "Strawberried Peanut Butter" M&M's. It tastes okay to me but I like the regular M&M's better. I have no connection to M&M's or any candy, or food products unless I say so, nor do I have a connection to the rock group KISS. I say this because yesterday evening (as I already pointed out this was last year), I went to the local Walmart superstore where they are selling some KISS memorabilia and novelty items including KISS M&M's. One pretty worker there wanted to hold my newly purchased KISS M&M's, and I let her.

It was too much at $6 a bag and workers said it wasn't selling so Walmart was reducing the price to 2 bags for $6. So I got it at that nice price. Their recommendation to me was maybe I should just look at the candy because it would be worth a lot someday. I agree but it might take until KISS stops and doesn't come back again, until people miss them enough to buy this old candy.

Oh yeah, I also have no connection to getting older. That part's not true. But what I can say is age doesn't matter, so let's continue to listen to all music that makes us feel good.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Simpsons - Donut Hell

Funny stuff!

Today's SirMan: KISS m&m's get saved, plus devilish cartoon donuts, and Alice (video) goes to The Overcast Inside

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It was a year ago that I bought these M&M's and didn't open 'em so that means I'm a candy collector. Not really, I'll explain...

Sometime, but first I want to see Homer Simpson go to "Donut Hell" which I've seen before and it never gets old. In my opinion, it's Heaven that has the donuts, but I'm not an expert on the afterlife. I just know that I like to eat donuts.

Also, the famous shock-rock star Alice Cooper is back... as a Christian, and I'm sure it's not just a Halloween costumer because it was in a video from earlier this year, which I'll try to post on The Overcast Inside. That's another blog I created to write about rock songs, from past to present day.

ROCK music has a way of setting us free...from the dark clouds in our lives. I love rock music... it's not the same as having a girlfriend but it never breaks up with me, and it's always there to take my mind off the sad stuff in life. Please support these bands, musicians, singers, etc. and buy their albums and purchase downloads of their singles, and also go to their concerts.

Do Not download the songs or videos, it's strictly for the purpose of supporting my opinion. Let me make it clear, I do not upload music videos on YouTube and by this I mean I don't put those videos on YouTube. I do not download songs or videos to a computer and I do buy CDs and have bought several in '09 and '10 so I'm asking readers to do the same thing.

The copyrights of songs, all music, lyrics and artwork related to the music or videos, the videos, written materials are the property of their owners. The opinion on my blog is my own and I did take a lot of time to think about many, many songs and which songs are deserving to be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. There are rock songs, hard-rock, medium, and soft-rock, metal, punk, progressive rock, pop-rock, and some other songs, also a few songs crossing over from what might be thought of as other music genres. Actually, it's taken a year and a half with a little time each day devoted to listening and comparing songs. I'm still giving a bit more time to complete the list to hear bands that some music critics, radio stations, and anyone else 'high and mighty' who didn't give those bands a real chance to show how good or great they are and that's sad.

You will see comments in YouTube by individuals who are mean, nasty and don't think before they write something, but I'm not one of those people. I'm not commenting in YouTube at this time. Besides, I'm fair, I did my best to consider the songs of many bands, solo artists and musicians. Sure, I'm going to forget or miss a few great songs and can't listen to every song, but neither can anyone else. I'm not being paid to do this list but I like it. Liking something is always important to me. Hopefully it is to you too.

And one more thing, Alice Cooper and KISS will have songs on my 100 Best Rock Songs list, along with songs by many other bands. Cool and hot!!

The Overcast Inside

Here's the link to (click) The Overcast Inside

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laugh from the past

In the FM-Me-Me-ture, oh I mean future, I join a band called formal three-piece confusion. We wear ties, but never sports coats, just casual jackets, thus creating a little confusion. Well, that and the really big, (fake) leafy, green hair. That oughta do it. I'm sure chicks will dig us...up. haha

Anyway, joking aside, this was a picture of me, about two years ago when I was in Portland, which is where I hope to go very soon. Don't worry, I'm not going to do a time progression of how I look standing under that tree every year I'm there. Actually, my head wasn't very close to that tree but it is a strange picture and even sort of cute looking for a guy who was still recovering from being sick and feeling like a zombie. Hey, it's almost Halloween, nearly five years since I began blogging...I plan to post some of my pictures during those five years, and maybe a few before that time, and remember the '00s decade while I'm at it.

At the same time, I will also continue to write about shakes and see if I can decide which one was best. And continue to mention something new and interesting, or old and not so interesting. But that's up to me. haha
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Now tell me I don't say

From Anything
here! haha

As you know, sometimes my writing style is like a guy talking with his buddies while they are at the local burger joint. It's intended to be that way. And Fun!

Yes, please click on the photo to find the missing word for today.
Now tell me I don't say anything here!

(That's the way it's supposed to read.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cheeseburger Baby - VME

This is the band I would most like to eat fast food with, if I go to Japan or if they come to America again. And of course I'd like to go to one of their concerts.

This is the video with the song "Cheeseburger Baby" by Voluntary Mother Earth.

It is one of my favorite music videos of 2010, and the song is very happy and a lot of fun.

Great work, Voluntary Mother Earth!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Please click on the photo below to see the entire photo. Due to computer problems, I had to post my photo from my public photos in Picasa, and this photo didn't fit. Have a good weekend!!

Yeah man, it's Friday!

Here's a photo of mine from last year. I usually go to McDonald's (in the background) more often, due to my grungeit, I mean budget. But here (pictured) I went to Jolts & Juice and yeaaaaah, maaaaannn I need to go back there more too. Note: Didn't the '00s decade seem like one very long yeah, man, or rather a long yawn?! A philosopher might ask, umm are we really moving at all? Which is a good question, but if we aren't in motion, then why is there espresso, to stay in place faster? What a question, maybe I need to get out more. haha

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Shake, You Shake, Let's Shake Together (well, in different parts of the planet, of course)

Here is an Arby's Strawberry Banana Split Shake. It was good that night and I had another one this afternoon. Enough said. Well, it's best at night when I don't have a date, but there's another shake I prefer on those afternoons when I also don't have a date, and I wish had two...a pretty girls under each arm. And we're really having fun... I think we are heading to church. Hey, how did you think this would end? haha

Strange light shining down on my shake

This was one time late at night that I went to Arby's, and after going through the drive-thru, pulled in to sip the shake. Thank goodness I had a flashlight or I would have needed help from a full-lying soso-er, or just a regular flying saucer, or anything landing in the parking lot at just the right time. That, or turn on the overhead light, but I'm too lazy. Not really, though it is more interesting to act dumb as a writer. Too many pompous jerks out there. I'm not one. Keep being the Being that you are. In!

Next time I'll name that shake! Whew! See, if I'd written "Out!" I would have felt silly coming back and continuing to write but I wrote "In!" ... and I just wanted to point that out.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Great Shake at Carl's Jr.

This is the Banana Chocolate Chip Shake by Carl's Jr. The fact that I can't remember which time this was is proof that it's a very good tasting shake. Well, I'm saying I've had it several times this year so clearly it's a contender for best shake by a fast food restaurant. There are others but I'll save that for another day. I'll also write more about this shake later.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday Night at the Drive-Thru

This is the Jack in the Box Teriyaki Bowl with Grilled Chicken. I think it tastes great! I've eaten this food several times at various JITB restaurants, but I don't order the full meal because it's too much food for me to eat (and couldn't quite finish what I was eating this time) in one sitting. I went through the drive-thru and parked out front to dine in the vehicle so I could listen to music I wanted to hear.

The last time I tried to order the teriyaki bowl at this particular Jack in the Box restaurant, they told me that they couldn't make the teriyaki because the rice cooker was broken... so anyway, I didn't have high hopes on Friday when I entered the drive-thru but I did get what I wanted, so I was happy. Well, the girl handing me the food smiled and that was pretty good too! Just being honest. haha

A bit later I drove to Carl's Jr. and drank a shake. I will try to post that photo.

Last time I wrote about a Wendy's Frosty Shake that I drank at a Wendy's restaurant. Thank you, Mizarwen, for asking me what was the flavor of that shake? The flavor was Chocolate Fudge. I want to congratulate you on two years of your blog and if you were here, I'd buy you a shake (your choice of flavor, of course). Thanks for viewing my blog so many times. I always enjoy your blog. It's great!


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Yesterday's Shake

This is a picture of the Wendy's Frosty Shake I drank yesterday. Not bad and actually alright, though it was not a thick shake and it wasn't cold enough, in my opinion.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sweet & Tart!!

Here's a picture of my red currant syrup, on top of and all around a pancake. I made the syrup.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello. Thanks for dropping by and viewing my blog. I now notice in the video there are English subtitles for the Spanish part of "L'Via L'Viaquez" by The Mars Volta.
You can view that video/listen to the song by clicking the link in the post below this one. The video is LOUD at the beginning, so please turn down the volume on your speakers ahead of time.

Take care.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mars Volta rocks out!! (careful: LOUD at beginning of the song)...and secures a spot in the 100 Best Rock Songs

Here's a link to The Mars Volta video for their song "L'Via L'Viaquez" (LOUD when clicked) ... and it's a great video! Almost like a very interesting and beautiful nightmare, with the band performing one of the best songs ever. It's going to be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs when I post it.

I can't remember ever having a nightmare with a great rock song playing (or you know, dreaming there was a great song playing), but maybe I just forgot the next morning.

Note: I didn't upload this video or any music videos to YouTube, and at this time I don't comment on videos in YouTube. Please show respect for the individual music artists, bands, their songs, videos, and their fans. We can disagree but let's be polite about it.

I watched this video for the first time recently, months after hearing two versions of the song (the longer album version, which is about 12 minutes long but terrific, and the equally wonderful single version) before making my decision that it was one of the 25 best songs of the '00s. And I was right too! I know many people out there agree with me.

There's much to be discussed about the song, and I did read in one discussion thread where they couldn't agree on the meaning of some Spanish words in the song, which has English and Spanish lyrics.

In my opinion, we don't always have to know the complete meaning of a song and worrying about it could produce a really scary nightmare, without a great soundtrack to help us get through it.

If I can think of anything to add, I will do it later. Take care.

Friday, July 02, 2010

(Pizza) Party on!

This is a better photo, so beings that I'm such a nice guy, check out that yummy Domino's pizza. I'm not connected to Domino's Pizza, though sometimes the pizza gets a little too connected to me, if ya know what I mean.

It almost makes me wish I were back in college... Well, that and the college girls. Like I said before, if only I had a string bikini theory that would take me to a parallel university with hot chicks in bikinis who actually liked me, then, maybe, I'd have it made.

Now, if modern physics just thought a little more like I do, we would all (of us guys) be better off. haha

Monday, June 28, 2010

Are we going to be tempted? And if not, Why not?

As promised this is the Before Pizza smile. If I didn't know better, I'd say it's best to keep it way up high.

This is an After Pizza smile.

Well, we (the people) ate most of the pizza and she tasted some but she's cuter than us, mere humans and that's why she's in the pictures.

Peek-a-boo, it's a Domino's Pizza

Well, I think on the box it says (if you squint, or click to enlarge the pic) something about a refund, and actually I'd like my money back so I could buy the same pizza again. Ok just kidding. We would buy it again with our own money. It was a very good tasting pizza! I even ate a piece of pizza right from the fridge for breakfast, and the last slice for the second part of my dinner. Well, I didn't eat much earlier today, so quit giving me the funny looks. I be back. How can I say out if I don't eat my piece! Or whatever.

You like shallow, umm I can be shallow TOO

Well, I won't be too deep or put forth any profound theories, like my S.B.T. of P.U.ties otherwise known as String Bikini Theory of Parallel Universities. Don't ask me what the football teams are like at those U's because I don't care. I'm in this super shallow physics for the chicks. I just wanna know if there are universities with pretty girls who like to wear bikinis and dig my shallow physics and enjoy some lip action now and then. Eating fast food with me, of course, and ETC.

There could be more, such as kick-ass rock songs that some of you didn't know I knew. And it's gonna be the best ever, or going back to just before 1970 when life as we know it began to sprout. Sorry for the corny health-food reference. I love it, actually, but you can hang on to all the crunchy granola, though real men like me do eat yogurt from time to time, and not just because girls will trust us.

We can't gain their trust and maybe we don't deserve it anyway, so let's focus on something worth thinking about...the shallow physics of bikini curves. How integral... no, not integrity, but I got that too somewhere, maybe it's under the bed. Peace! Beach fantasy! Out!

Next time, we'll add new definition to the term 'pizza smile' and how we love to smile for our pizza! Next time will be in a few minutes. There will be a BP smile and an AP smile, which in this case stand for "Before Pizza" and "After Pizza". Yeah, I'm dishing it out! Slice by slice, pure me and that's cool! No, I didn't say I'm pure. But I am nice and not too demanding which is more than I can say for some people. Oh yeah, bye.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shake from Arctic Circle

This is a caramel shake, in case you couldn't tell. Nice flavor, very thick, and really a shake to be eaten with a spoon.
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

I have decided to go with the version and spelling of the Slipknot song "Vermillion". There is more than one version of the song. I like all the versions I've heard, including the album version (with one 'l') and its longer guitar solo, and the radio single which I listened to many times while driving around to various places.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Slipknot's song "Vermillion" gets in 100 Best Rock Songs

Since I'm unable to sign in to my blogs the usual way, I've posted again from Picasa, this time using one of my old photos.

Paul Gray, Slipknot bassist, passed away in May, and he will be missed by his (and the band's) many, many fans worldwide. Slipknot's songs are always great to hear on the radio when I'm out and driving around, especially on a Friday night. "Vermillion" is one of my favorite metal/heavy-rock songs from the '00s and it will be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs.

Here's a link to Slipknot's "Vermillion" video on YouTube.
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Psylent Chord from the Vocal Transcendent-C

Why ask Why? Haven't you ever seen a guy play the curtain?! I hope not.

I just liked the sound of the title this time as it sounds like a prog-rock track that's way too long for radio airplay. Yeah, cool!! Let's mess with the minds of radio DJ's and request long songs. haha

It's interesting that some people don't get the beauty of really great progressive-rock and art-rock songs, or any very artistic songs.

Hey, this is Friday, so I'm gonna cut loose and just write what comes to mind.

Time for three more songs on my 100 Best Rock Songs and they are all very tight, well-played songs and obviously three of my favorite songs too.

"Siberian Khatru" by Yes, "In A Glass House" by Gentle Giant, and "Cebuana" by Urbandub are all great songs and I can hear excellent bass lines, guitar playing, the drumming and singing are outstanding as well. And talk about terrific melodies!

The song by Yes, in it's live version, was one of my favorite songs when I was a teenager. I'm not sure when I first heard the Gentle Giant song -- which has a great 'prog-grass' beginning, with violin and bluegrass sound in a progressive way -- but I did get the CD "In a Glass House" some years ago. I've only known about this song by Urbandub recently but I am very impressed that its a very clean, beautiful rock song. All three songs are somewhere in the middle in terms of how hard they rock, and in my opinion all three songs are progressive rock but not the real proggy prog-rock which while nice to listen to, requires wide-awake thinking skills to process all of what's going on.

Congratulations to Urbandub, Yes, and Gentle Giant.

The list was something I had hoped to publish in a newspaper I wrote for back in the '90s. I wanted it to appear in the newspaper in the year 2000, but my job ended in early 1998 so I didn't write an article with a Rock 100 list at that time.

I'm thinking about starting another blog to publish the list and do more writing on rock music. However, I will continue writing about rock songs here too.

Well, it's Saturday morning now. I was going to finish sooner but got some sleep first. Now I'll listen to some more rock songs, etc. Take care.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am NOT

and I will say this again for the hard of reading,
I am NOT a Steely Dan album cover.

That's just in case someone wondered. haha

And if some guy, or gal, is thinking, hmmm, but I'll bet some days he feels like one. Yes, in fact that would be fun because they had some of the best album covers and among my favorite songs.

One time I was eating out, and I'm fairly sure I was at a Carl's Jr. (tie-in to fast food because after all, this is a fast food blog, just don't try to eat the blog) so anyway, to complete this absolutely gawd awful sentence, what the heck was I saying. Oh, I forget now.

Oh yeah, I was eating -- and it was a long time ago so don't ask me what I ordered -- and on comes the song "Doctor Wu" by Steely Dan. I love that song.

So then, I was happy and maybe there wasn't even a pretty girl with me. I say maybe because I can't remember because girlfriends come and go but Steely Dan's fabulous music isn't ever going to leave me.

Yeah, I am getting sort of emotional. But other than the obvious, Steely Dan will be on my 100 Best Rock Songs List but I'm not sure how much because I'm trying to be objective too, which I won't be if I ever get another date. It's a long dry spell in my love(less) life.

But now I'm getting sidetracked, and what I wanted to write was the following:

Some of the songs on my 100 Best Rock Songs List are the single version of the song or the one that was on the radio and my thinking is that many people heard those songs. However, I don't assume anything these days, and also many great songs don't get played by radio DJ's and that really, really sucks!

To the best of my ability, I do try to include album tracks in my decision making process, so some of the songs on the list will be songs on albums. I'm using that word "albums" in a general sense, and I do mean CDs, records, LPs, and cassette tapes, even a few 8-track tapes which they sold in stores in the past. But I'm also considering singles, the songs of music videos, and some Live songs as long as I strongly believe those were by the recording artists and those Live versions were available to a large number of listeners. But it doesn't matter to me whether it was a big hit or not. People can be wrong. Right?

I'm in favor of everyone, everywhere being able to receive the recognition they deserve if their songs are among the best, so yes there will be songs by foreign recording artists (countries where English is not the main language or first language) on my list of 100 rock songs. However, I'm not creating spots for those artists, so if their songs are on the list, it means they really were -- in my opinion-- among the very best songs over the last forty years.

Also, with so many people on the Internet these days, it's appropriate and important to find out what other people are listening to, and while I do not base my decisions on what other people think or their lists, though it does provide one with a chance to know about more songs. Yahoo Music, YouTube, and other sources of information, in my opinion, are ways for people to hear great songs. So thank you to all recording artists who allow music listeners to find out about their music and hear their songs, and also giving us more information on new albums and soon-to-be-released albums and where we can see them in concert. Good luck to everyone!

There's a video on YouTube (says it's a fan-made video) and I think it's a very good one. Electronic music can get on my '100 Best' list and the song "Roygbiv" by Boards of Canada, is one of the best electronic songs I've ever heard -- so it's going to be on the list.

It's a crossover song/recording artist (there will be more on my list) and if I were writing a list of 100 best electronic songs, "Roygbiv" certainly would be on that list and much closer to the top.

Note: The publication dates/posting dates (I mean the order of of the announcements of songs making my 100 Best Rock Songs List) have nothing to do with its number on the list. I have chosen to do it this way in an effort to be as objective and unbiased as possible, and to honor the recording artists for their great songs. However, in the end there's no doubt my own personal tastes in music and my opinion of what makes a great song will play a key role in whether or not a song makes the list and which number it gets to on the list.

I am not responsible for the linked to videos or linked to websites and those are the property of its owners. Also I didn't post music videos and haven't commented about music there for a long time so those are not my comments at YouTube. I've noticed some individuals' comments on YouTube go way too far and can be quite offensive, so if that bothers you, then please don't read those offensive type of comments. If I can think of more to add, I will do so later.

I'm glad Boards of Canada got on my 100 Best Rock Songs List.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Stone Temple Pilots' song from '90s on my 100 Best Rock Songs List

Good hard-rock songs can be hard to find. That was especially true during parts of the '90s. I think music has gotten better, both soft and hard rock, thanks to influential bands from the past, including the grunge-rock era.

One of the best hard-rock songs of that time period was "Trippin' On a Hole In a Paper Heart" by Stone Temple Pilots. It will be on my 100 Best Songs list, which is basically songs from 1970 to 2010, but could overlap a bit to 1969 and 2010. No problem, if so, I'll explain my reason later.

The STP song is exciting to listen including the album/studio version (probably the version to be on my 100 Best Rock Songs List) and watching/listening to the videos of their live concerts.

I liked Stone Temple Pilots' live performance of "Trippin' On a Hole In a Paper Heart" on YouTube more than I can express in words. It really makes me want to see them in concert and buy one of their albums.

Because people are able to watch videos, they can get turned on to bands like STP and bands want more fans, right? It's hard to know about all the great rock music now and in the past, so it's great to have this way to learn more about the music we love.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Even if I can't sign in for some reason.

Though I can say this for sure:

Regarding my list of 100 Best Rock Songs,

STP is 'IN'

Yeah, that's way, way different than stoppin. And by the way, from what I hear, STP is back. Also with any luck, I'll be back to name that song and tell you what the heck I'm writing about, if the Internet doesn't destroy me in the meantime.
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sonic Youth is first to get a song on my list of 100 Best Rock Songs

The list isn't finished, but it's clear to me that the song "Disconnection Notice" by Sonic Youth is one of the 100 Best Songs since 1970. It's a gorgeously melodic and strangely dissonant song, which demonstrated the band's continued greatness in experimental-rock. I would also say it is a modern folk-rock/art-rock song. It's a true masterpiece in rock music. Congratulations to Sonic Youth for being the first artist to reach my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. The other songs will be announced in the weeks to come, so check back later.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This isn't now, it was the afternoon of New Year's Eve

I won't say Happy New Year! again but how about... I hope it's not too hot where you live, and if it is, please enjoy a cold beverage or frozen dessert to cool off. Or just look at one of my winter photos (more photos later) and use your imagination. haha But seriously, please be safe and don't spend much time in extreme heat if you can help it. Take care and have a great day!
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