Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I forget what I was thinking

Why in the world did I go out on New Year's Eve afternoon?! No, not to get to the other side. Oh yeah, I wanted to do something and doing something is always better than doing nothing. My brain didn't freeze because I kept thinking about rock songs, so I could finish my 25 best rock songs list and publish it here on the 1st of January.

And maybe the cold didn't bother me too much because I drank an iced latte, and later went to pick up fast food.
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Thinking about rock songs

Last year I really thought a lot about rock songs. I don't recall a time when I thought so much about rock songs. This photo was on New Year's Eve (afternoon) as I was out drinking a latte and thinking about rock songs. This shows the numbers on an unfinished list. The problem was there were too many great rock songs, which of course is no problem at all. Way to go bands and all rock music recording artists! You're very cool!
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I am getting ready for spring in my mind and my heart. A little snow can't stop me from thinking about warmer weather.
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Yeah, new picture

I'm unhappy, can you tell? Well no, at least not at the moment. Actually this picture has almost nothing to do with anything except that I'm going to put some past photos on here after this one and some will have a bit of snow but many will not. And sometimes I will only write a sentence or two just to prove that online chatting hasn't completely wrecked my ability to write sentences. If someone doesn't like what I'm writing, just get lost, OK? Sometimes I'm funny and my sense of humor is lacking, but now I'm smiling and laughing even though that wasn't in the least bit funny. Take care.
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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hi. How are you?
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Monday, February 08, 2010

Rock Songs and Saints Fans are Cool!!

Hello. I wanted to give a long time on top of my blog to my list of (what I think) are the 25 best rock songs of the '00s. I wrote previously that this list is based on what I think, after listening to many songs. My list was based on my thinking about and comparing songs in a variety of ways. A few of my favorite songs of the '00s didn't make the list, which means this wasn't a list of my 25 favorite songs and that's why I called this list: "My List of 25 Best Rock Songs of the '00s" However, these songs are all among my favorites.

The song "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" by Chevelle is 'Number 1' of the '00s, in my opinion, because it is an outstanding hard-rock/alternative-rock song with a progressive-rock flow and feel to it.

The vocals are among the best in the history of rock music. The lyrics are also outstanding, although I liked the lyrics in "Best Of You" by Foo Fighters and "Sooner or Later" by Breaking Benjamin slightly better. When I made the decision, I was thinking the singing is great on those two songs too but liked the Vitamin R singing better and thought the music and song composition also was by far the best, making it the best rock song of the decade and one of the best rock songs of all time.

All 25 songs will be in my 100 best rock songs from 1970 to the end of 2009. But there will be more songs from the '00s on the list, and I can tell you right now that one of the songs is by Slipknot and it's one of my favorites.

One more thing:

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on winning the Super Bowl! And congratulations to Saints fans, too, who waited a long time for a Super Bowl championship. I admire people who keep rooting for their favorite team and never give up on them. Enjoy the celebration!!

Peace! Stay cool!