Friday, April 30, 2010

Sonic Youth is first to get a song on my list of 100 Best Rock Songs

The list isn't finished, but it's clear to me that the song "Disconnection Notice" by Sonic Youth is one of the 100 Best Songs since 1970. It's a gorgeously melodic and strangely dissonant song, which demonstrated the band's continued greatness in experimental-rock. I would also say it is a modern folk-rock/art-rock song. It's a true masterpiece in rock music. Congratulations to Sonic Youth for being the first artist to reach my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. The other songs will be announced in the weeks to come, so check back later.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This isn't now, it was the afternoon of New Year's Eve

I won't say Happy New Year! again but how about... I hope it's not too hot where you live, and if it is, please enjoy a cold beverage or frozen dessert to cool off. Or just look at one of my winter photos (more photos later) and use your imagination. haha But seriously, please be safe and don't spend much time in extreme heat if you can help it. Take care and have a great day!
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