Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First time, share!

Then keep the other half of pie for yourself. A slice of pecan pie is great for breakfast.

It's all gone now, so I'm going to have to find a new sugar high.

A slice a morning

keeps my unhappiness away. It was all gone by this morning.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's much better to Spin in than spin out

I'm going to to watch music videos and listen to the songs, also maybe catch up on new songs on the radio today rather than go out. It's been snowing and it's not safe to drive around and I was just told that cars were sliding around on the road. I wanted to do my after Thanksgiving LOOKING two days after Thanksgiving Day instead of going to the SHOPPING the day after Thanksgiving Day like just everybody else. Yesterday, the roads were clear but I was too tired because I ate too much turkey ETC. on Thanksgiving Day.

Today's word is "spin" and it's really the key word in The Overcast Inside -- my music blog -- for the four days from Thanksgiving (Thursday) to Sunday. So I'm going over there and "spin in". Featured are three of my favorite songs of 2010. I will go into more detail there this weekend. I don't own the rights to the songs, the videos, or any content with them. I write my reviews and opinion along with those videos by using "share" on YouTube, with the goal of showing that the songs reviewed or mentioned in my writing are very good songs, and many of the songs are among the best of all time. I want to continue to encourage people to buy albums, CDs, singles by download, go to concerts.

Thanksgiving scene

This was the view, and where were you? Oh that's right, I didn't invite you but that's only because you probably live in another state or country. Although you are with me in thought, even though I don't know you. That's because I'm thankful you decided to drop by my blog. I wish all my readers the best in their lives, much success and happiness the rest of this year and always!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


When I went to a McDonald's near the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington three years ago, I had iced coffee one day and the Arctic Orange Shake on a different day. Both were great as was the atmosphere in this McDonald's restaurant.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learn guitar and how to sing and one day you could have candy with your name on it

I don't usually review or write about candy, but I wanted to try these Special Edition M&M's. (October of last year) The reason was I bought some other M&M's that cost too much to eat. So I wanted to have some candy that wouldn't make me feel sad about eating it. haha Yeah, it does sound kind of funny.

This is "Strawberried Peanut Butter" M&M's. It tastes okay to me but I like the regular M&M's better. I have no connection to M&M's or any candy, or food products unless I say so, nor do I have a connection to the rock group KISS. I say this because yesterday evening (as I already pointed out this was last year), I went to the local Walmart superstore where they are selling some KISS memorabilia and novelty items including KISS M&M's. One pretty worker there wanted to hold my newly purchased KISS M&M's, and I let her.

It was too much at $6 a bag and workers said it wasn't selling so Walmart was reducing the price to 2 bags for $6. So I got it at that nice price. Their recommendation to me was maybe I should just look at the candy because it would be worth a lot someday. I agree but it might take until KISS stops and doesn't come back again, until people miss them enough to buy this old candy.

Oh yeah, I also have no connection to getting older. That part's not true. But what I can say is age doesn't matter, so let's continue to listen to all music that makes us feel good.
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