Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The moon wasn't as

funny as I thought it would be. Well no, actually I knew it wouldn't be funny, nor was it supposed to be. However, I am not an astronomer, a scienist, nor am I a sci-fientist. Better to be a scottist. So then, if you really think it's a good idea?! (well, it ain't), but you can still be like me, although I wouldn't, if I were you that is, but I'm me, so that's why I wanna be like me. Gosh, that was hard to explain. Anyway, don't be like me, but if you wanna be me late at night, when nobody is around and they can't see you being like me, then go outside on a dark, cold night/early morning set the digital camera to video, point it up and start videotaping the starlit sky, and of course narrate what you are seeing up there. Maybe the neighbors will shoot off fireworks, and you might here creepy sounds coming from the garage, and start wondering whether space aliens are videotaping you, trying to videotape them in their flying saucer. One of them could even come up, tap you on the shoulder, and ask you to dance. Just don't look at Mr. Alien the way some girls used to look at me when I walked around the dance floor asking a pretty girl to dance. My guess is you don't want to reject them. And their camera has some other settings, and you never know what they might do once they learn how to blog. Yeah, like umm... imagination required.

NotE: This was before and on the way to the full eclipse and I was full of it. By it, I don't don't mean anything bad. Just like to joke around a lot.