Monday, May 30, 2011

The real me?

Or is it me playing a character? Don't we all sort of play characters sometimes, especially when we smile for the camera?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another angle on a shake

This is the Chocolate Malted Crunch Shake from Carl's Jr. I don't see the crunchy bits or what's in there to make it crunchy, but sometime I'll go to a different Carl's Jr. location and try again.

From top of the shake

It's hard to tell by looking at this shake from above but this is the "New! Chocolate Malted Crunch" Shake by Carl's Jr. I still like the strawberry shake better, but I think new flavors are the in thing and my guess is the shake will grow on me.

About a week and a half later (after what I wrote above and delayed posting) ... brings me to right now. There will be another picture in the next post as I just got back from Carl's Jr. where I got that shake again, using the drive-thru, but I wasn't able to see what makes the shake the way it is and the picture won't show much either.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am posting my pictures from over the years. The picture at a Burger King was during the time of the first Fast Food Yummy blog and as I recall, my friend wasn't able to be there.

Talk is action too

This is a Burger King restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where I used to hang out with a guy who is a great friend. There are lots of nice memories. We also went to other fast food restaurants. We liked to talk about pro sports and look at the sports section of the newspaper. I liked to drink and drink and drink soda and we would talk and talk and talk.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Same place as last time

Sitting there in the car, parked of course, drinking the drink (pictured below) which I bought in the McDonald's drive-thru. I also listened to important news and thought about buying another one but went to Jack in the Box a short time later, ordered a strawberry shake and the girl working there at the drive-thru told me it was the last shake of the night because that was the last of ice cream they had. I didn't get a photo but that shake was one of the best I've had lately. So I'd better write that down. Last night, in a different location, I went to another Jack in the Box drive-thru and ordered the strawberry shake again, and it was just as outstanding. And the girl who gave me the shake, kept saying goodbye to me, and that's more than I can say for some ex-girlfriends. Wow! But she was just being nice. And that's what I like. Yes, I'm available and I can treat. No, I'm not being forward, I meant I'll take her, or someone like her, out for something sweet such as a shake. Oh yeah, this isn't a dating site, but humor does tend to cloud my judgment. I did choose to make this a very long paragraph so hopefully people will get bored and won't read it too closely and I won't get the miss-association of women wanting men to act like robots to come down too hard on me. Unless of course, that feels good. haha See, I should write that (haha) all the time, so people without a sense of humor won't get bent too far out of shape. Also, I don't want to see what that looks like.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How great is it?

McDonald's frozen strawberry lemonade was great Sunday night when I had it for the first time. I can't say how great, but I'm leaning towards 'very' although it would be a good idea for me to drink this again a few more times. And it's an idea I like very much, so that says something too.