Monday, September 12, 2011

Too 'Yumazing' for the average reader but it's for a good cause: promoting humor

For ADULTS, even though I'm sure all the kids are probably hogging the computer watching Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga videos. That's sort of double funny because Lady Gaga's videos go way beyond anything I ever do here in terms of getting teenagers to think about something other than their homework. Ok I'm never going to dance around in whatever it is she and her dancers are (almost not) wearing. Well, if I do it's private and if I know what's good for me, I won't even look in the mirror. haha

Now, let me see, just some oohed for ought! Like food for thought, but different.

Any other guys out their wish Serena Williams would yell at them every day. (Girls could wish that too if they are into that kind of thing.) That would probably mean she'd be the special girl in your life. It's worth dreaming about. I wanted to post a link to a rather 'yumazing' (combine the words yum and amazing) video of Serena on YouTube but some misguided people want to censor America these days, and the U.S. Congress is into chilling effects but honey child, you can't chill--or rather cool off dem pics, or rather the 'knee-jerk' (haha) reaction it tends to promote. Yeah, that kind of promotion is very pro human species. I believe in procreating. I remember reading somewhere that Serena said guys are afraid of dating her. I'm not scared. I'm ready! That is what I'd call a haha truth, both funny and real. But I'm very rusty at tennis -- don't think I've played this century--and other stuff, not that much time. But I could be faithful for the right girl/lady, even if yelled at but make sure to make up with me the right way. I like good food and... etc.

On a serious note, Serena is a great tennis player.

Then, of course, I was hoping Pamela Anderson and any other pretty girl in bikini lending their 'help' to PETA would protest me the way I like best, in err... their professional attire, or lack of it.

On a serious note, I like Pamela and PETA.

Oh! I just found a video of theirs and oh my gosh! even I was nervous and embarrassed so I know I'd love it. haha But I can't watch it right now, I'll do it before bed because there's sort of a partial strip search in that video but it's all for a good cause, to protect animals. I agree and I'm opposed to cruelty, and in favor of Pamela -- in my dreams -- doing what I saw at the beginning of the video. I only watched the start of the video, but I give it umm, not two thumbs, but you know, up.

This has nothing to do with fast food, yet it makes sense because I'm a guy and I'm always thinking of something funny to write. People may wonder is this the kind of conversation one might overhear while out eating fast food. Well, they do tend to get quite loud at other tables. I don't know everything they say but I sure wish I did. Do I run humor writing like this by someone before posting it? Well, the dog, sometimes mom, but if I was married I wouldn't tell my wife. Yeah, I'd have to stop writing at night because I'd be *BUSY*!!!

And I'm all for that sort of being busy. Remember, this is intended as humor and doesn't mean I'm a two-timer. Heck, I'm not even a one-timer right now. No real dates, so I'll see if I can find a very specific dating site, where all people like whatever that is Pamela is doing to that guy at the beginning of that video. Because I'm all for good causes, and want to meet someone else who has that same cause in mind.