Saturday, November 26, 2011

In case someone was curious, I ordered the Supreme Croissant at the Jack in the Box drive-thru the night of Thanksgiving, between 10 pm and 10:30 pm.  Remember, I said I would go out but not for any specific reason.

First, I wanted to see if McDonald's was open because Sweet Tea would have tasted good. It wasn't open.

However tonight, Saturday evening that is, I finally had the Sweet Tea at McDonald's, but I do have a mixed opinion about this menu item. The tea was weak and not sweet at all the first time.  This has happened before too.  I drank some sips and then threw it away because it was like drinking water and if I wanted water, I could just go to the kitchen.  Also, I could make better iced tea but I like the Sweet Tea when they make it right.  So I didn't give up as the night was still young.

I went to another McDonald's across town.  The Sweet Tea was great the first time at that McDonald's location, and I liked it so much I ordered it again about an hour later, but the tea was weak and not good.  I also ordered an Egg Nog Shake and it was very good.

But I had to go back through the drive-thru to tell the girl working there that the tea was weak.  She did it over and it was a little bit better.  I'm still drinking both drinks as I type this article.

This is an article, by the way, and I'm a great writer, even if some losers don't like my writing and even if some people wanted to keep me from getting a job as a writer.  They lose, I win.  I'm great, and they suck!

Anyway, the girl at the drive-thru window said that the Sweet Tea was weak because they were running out of tea.  I'm glad she remade my Sweet Tea... but Hmm... the shift manager or supervisor, or whoever is in charge needs to make sure that the tea is consistent, otherwise customers will be unsatisfied and go to another fast food restaurant.  Consistent fast-food beverages are an important part of attracting customers and keeping customers happy. I thought it necessary for me to emphasize this right now while it's fresh in my mind.  It's definitely something I concerned about.

I will writer more next time, and I'll attempt to finish this article with what happened on Thanksgiving when I went out.  I wish I hadn't...gone out that is.  What a bummer early Black Friday is, and perhaps the dumbest American tradition.