Wednesday, February 29, 2012

McDonald's McCafe Shamrock Shake

It's way up on my mental list of tasty treats but maybe absence (it's only for a limited time) will also make my taste buds grow even fonder of this shake.  One McDonald's advertisement I saw online refers to the McCafe Shamrock Shake as having a minty flavor, but it's difficult for me to name the flavor.

Did a Leprechaun have anything to do with making this a delightfully flavorful, somewhat strong, but almost perfect flavored shake?  I doubt it because that would mean I believed Leprechauns actually exist.  I've never actually seen one and maybe that's because they are way too busy to be seen by us simple folk. However, similar to someone telling his or her buddy about a leprechaun he really, really saw a few minutes ago, and then when they get there it's gone, the Shamrock Shake won't be there by the time most people try to find it, according to what I read in the advertisement.  One of the the workers at a McDonald's told me the shake would only be sold there until the 28th or 29th of this month.  I hope he meant the 29th because I'm going to McDonald's right now. 

Now, even though I don't really believe in them, I suppose Leprechauns will start googling my blog.  Just so they don't complain or cause any serious problems for me, and agree to helping me become rich and famous (joking), I suppose we can become friends.