Friday, February 10, 2012

See! Happy!

My choice was an ice cream shake at Carl's Jr. in Boise after driving there on Wednesday.  It was the middle of the afternoon and this OREO Cookie Shake was what I wanted.  It's hard to tell what shake flavor it is and I don't see crumbles or tiny pieces of cookie, but it did have that texture against my tongue.  Obviously, it's not larger than the Happy Star, but this shake was enough for me, until later when I ate more fast food at another place.

This shake has a good flavor and was what I wanted in the middle of afternoon.  

However, I was already drinking iced coffee from a Jack in the Box restaurant down the road from there. I was somewhat disappointed with the iced coffee as it was too weak, didn't have enough vanilla flavor, and wasn't very sweet.  The Ontario, Oregon Jack in the Box made much better iced coffee when I went there not long ago.  

The Jack in the Box OREO Cookie Shake is, in my opinion, among the top fast-food shakes!  It has great flavor, texture, and is a lot of fun to drink using a straw.  It's a thick shake and takes a long time to drink, though I could use the plastic spoon they keep giving me.  (Yes, I've written this before and I will probably write it again.)  I don't think I've ever used the spoon because that wouldn't be as much fun and would make the shake be gone too fast.  

Honestly, I think the Jack in the Box OREO Cookie Shake is better than OREO Cookie Shakes from other fast-food restaurants (so far), including Carl's Jr., but my comparisons of shakes are only beginning, and of course Carl's Jr. had one of the best shakes with their Banana Chocolate Chip Shake, which I wrote about in 2010.  But there are other shakes that will be on the Fast Food Yummy shakes list.  I'm not sure how many shakes will be on the list, so maybe I'll just pick the shakes that deserve to be on the list and that will determine how many shakes.

Either that or the fast-food mascots could arm wrestle with one arm while drinking a shake with the other arm.  No forget it...  sounds too messy!