Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Queen of Pop?

A Friday not long ago was a lot of fun.  Well, not that much fun, but the food tasted good.  I saw some pretty gals everywhere and I wasn't only imagining it...  I didn't see Rihanna, though (darn! joking), and wasn't looking for that kind of "Birthday Cake".  Just wanted some regular food. Seriously, though, I like that song (and realize a guy sings with her), and Rihanna does have a very good chance of getting one or more songs in my list of pop songs.

Ok it's for sure, and I will bring this up again on The Overcast Inside. Hmm...that blog name sounds kind of gloomy I can imagine to those who love upbeat pop music, so then just think of it as The Overcast Inside plus music to dance all night or until your too tired to stand up. Something like that. haha

As I've already written for that blog, Nicki Minaj's song "Starships" got on the pop songs list immediately (even though the list is not finished) based on comparison to other pop songs that clearly will be on the list, and it may be the fastest a song has reached a major list.  Why is it a major list?  Because I do extensive comparison, listening, and research of songs, and I think about songs day and night, though not all day and all night.

I don't know for sure who would have been fastest to get on my list because I wasn't doing a pop songs list in previous years.  However, the first song was going to get on the list last year, though I think the album it's from was released in 2006.  I know this is confusing so keep reading until the end of this article.

There were a bunch of questions that I was going to ask readers to think about, but I'm not sure the world is ready for such serious thinking in a fast food blog.  Maybe tomorrow (or a paragraph or two later) will be ready.  haha  Oh don't be afraid, keep reading.

I do hope most people can think about who is the modern Queen of Pop vs. the all-time Queen of Pop.  It's pretty obvious to me that Madonna is still way up there in terms of popularity and so many pop hits, and I think she's still the Queen of Pop.  Will that change? Maybe.

Many fans, as far as I can tell from my reading of countless comments on YouTube and elsewhere, think Lady Gaga is the new Queen of Pop, though I'd say Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are right up there too, even though they do songs from other musical genres and styles.

Adele, Katy Perry, Jessie J, and some other female pop stars also are competing for the crown of queen of pop, but it's time for me to quit capitalizing queen and pop until someone really shows me she is deserving of that honor and respect.

There also are transgender pop stars.  Could one of them be the new Queen of Pop?  Venus Flytrap is a Thai pop music group and all the members are transgender women.  I'm not sure what this group is doing now and this is based on what I've read.  Either as a group or individually, they could become quite popular because they are very talented and I think their singing and music sounds great.

I was trying to figure out how to buy their album "Visa for Love" but wasn't able to find it available for purchase.  One of their songs would have gotten on my list of pop songs last year, and that would have been the first song on the list.  But I was busy writing about rock songs and wasn't ready to start the pop songs list.  The first time I heard this song, I was comparing it in my mind to other great pop songs from the past.  That comparison gets their song on my list, so congratulations to Venus Flytrap.

Who is the new Queen of Pop? Let me answer the question with another question... Does she have to be a female from birth?  

Monday, March 26, 2012

This is just another short note to say it's been hard to get online.  Sorry for a spelling error last time and it has been corrected.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vegan food or fast food, that is an interesting question

Hello.  It's Friday again and I'm driving around in search of fast food and trying to add something to my blog.  I think it's time for iced tea or iced coffee and who knows what else. 

One of the times I came over to Boise this month, I went to the Boise Co-op and bought some Saffron Orzo Pasta in the deli section, then went over to their window seating and ate my supper.  I was told it has Craisins and thought it tasted good with the Saffron Orzo.  I will have to get it again.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I just wanted to make this important announcement

If someone is trying to keep me offline or harm my writing or music career, then consider the fact that I'm considering a lawsuit against that person or persons.  I will not accept this kind of behavior from anyone and I have just as much right to exist and try to make a way for myself as everyone else.

I think all the people who read this blog and all of my friends are very good people, but someone could be causing problems on the Internet, and shame on them.  More than this, they better be very careful, because I'm very upset at these types of people.  

Call this a fast food ritual

When I get to this area, it's usually in the evening and I've been going to this McDonald's in Meridian, ID for the Sweet Tea.  It's been excellent there, very sweet the way I like it and great flavor.  I need some now because my mind isn't sharp but I'll add more later if I think of something else.  In the first picture, it's easy to see this large size Sweet Tea is a good-sized drink, and the second picture shows two entrances to the drive-thru but they quickly become one drive-thru and cars need to be careful.  I like sitting there, sipping my ice-cold drink and relaxing with some music on the radio.  

Friday, March 09, 2012

Tasting Jack in the Box Bacon Shake, part fun

I did this in two parts, both will be part fun, instead of part one and part two.  Yeah, I don't have to try to hard to be different.  I'm joking, and I had something else funny to add but thought I better not.  However, this is a bacon-flavored shake that I'm writing about and if it were a strawberry shake or chocolate or vanilla, or other usual flavors, I would be much more straight-faced when writing about it.

I do like this Bacon Shake and I'm not a big fan of bacon, although I do eat it more often due to eating the JITB Jumbo Breakfast Platter with bacon.  

It's a bacon flavor syrup they use to make the shake, and the girl who took my order said there's no bacon in the shake.  She did seem to indicate that they could put bacon bits in it but I said no, though I think she was joking.  While I'm on this subject, I should point out that I hope to meet a girl with a sense of humor.  Oh yeah, this isn't the dating and mating blog, but I do have make it clear that Jack in the Box got me going again, thinking about getting married.  Some guy in a Jack in the Box commercial marrying bacon is very funny, and of course it would help to show mom the commercial because then -- by comparison -- any girl/young woman that I tell her I'm going to marry will be accepted with no problems.  And yes, I would marry a real person, probably female, maybe even from Earth.  Maybe.  No, right at this moment I'm not under the influence of a Bacon Shake.  I just drank some water.  I'm human. 

Most of this article was written more than three weeks ago.  So if the girl that smiled at me yesterday reads this post,  I wasn't thinking about you too much then, that is if you're single, and now might be a different story.  Are you single?  I'm joking, kinda, or at least as a I wrote many times, I'm trying to make people want to read what I write so I'm not just trying to get attention. 

P.S. The song I sang in the drive-thru last night was original and I wrote it in the car just before I went to the drive thru for a shake.  So then, consider that the debut of the song.  Sorry I can't post it over on the other blog right now because I had to go somewhere else to finish this article.  Will I become a drive-thru singer?  No, and it's not a new genre.  Yet.

Nice smile

Connected to fast food in some way, which is only for me and the other person to know, the other day I saw a pretty girl and she smiled and waved at me.  That's before I smiled at her.  Thank you, it made me feel good

Internet sucks

Talk about lousy Internet service.  It is causing me to say that I won't be here all the time, but I will try to be here more than that by writing short posts for now.  I have to go to some other place to write my articles which means I care.

More of me

Hello.  It's Friday, so have a nice weekend!  I'm not sure what I'm going to eat but I just got to Boise.  Am I in the mood for fast food?  Probably, though I'd like some Thai food too, however I don't want to sit down all by myself, just me and an empty chair across from me.  No, I'm not feeling sorry for myself.  I'm a writer and we have to think of something interesting to keep the reader's attention.  I could have written 'readers' but maybe I only have one.  So then, haha.  Whatever.  Just keep reading and something should be worth your while here, though I don't promise anything.  Take care.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Shamrock Shakes

There will be more green shake days than the McDonald's guy told me, and that's a very nice way to prepare for St. Patrick's Day, not that I ever prepare for it.  Well, maybe the guy who said the shake was going to finish at the end of February was a Leprechaun.  No, I think he was just a worker that didn't know for sure.  Like a couple of days ago, when another Mc guy at perhaps another McDonald's said it goes until THAT holiday, and I think he meant the official green shake holiday. I said St. Patrick's Day, and he said "yeah that's it". Ok this post is more full of it than facts. 

I did order the Shamrock Shake again yesterday evening, and each time has a less and less strong flavor, so maybe there's not as much syrup in the shake because:  (a) that's just how it is, (b) they are trying to have enough for as long as supplies last (yes, I stated that in a humorous way on purpose), or (c) you can blame a leprechaun. 

Here's my take on the Shamrock Shake:  Well, I like it but the way we were, me and shamy shake is changing slightly over time, just like a relationship, not that I have a recent relationship for comparison. I can now somewhat agree that it's a minty shake but the first time it was a very powerful, somewhat mysterious flavor...

...like several flavors 'on top of one another', and I don't know much about that either.  

Please refer to modern hip-hop pop songs for some reference, such as "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna.  She is yummy in a different way! I like the song, just to take my mind off not getting that kind of birthday cake for awhile, even if I don't know 'all' of what the song is about.  Yes, I'm naive and innocent in my own way.  Not really.

Back to the flavor of the shamy shake, it's a reminder of (though different in flavor than when I bought the cereal) Lucky Charms, and that might have been last year but that does test my memory.  I wanted a cereal I hadn't eaten in a long time so that's why I bought it.  So I put some LC in a bowl and poured milk on it and waited for it to get soft, and there was kinda like a new color that sort of matched a new flavor which was created.  

That's the way I felt about the Shamrock Shake when I drank it the first time this year, but I remember having it a long time ago, or was that a dream with a leprechaun in it.  Maybe Bigfoot was in that dream too, and the Loch Ness Monster... and space aliens?  No. I'm still hoping to have that dream. I better stop for now because this post is already strange enough.

Main thing is the McCafe Shamrock Shake is still available at McDonald's, as I was told by the Mc guy (guy working at McDonald's drive-thru), and that's while supplies last.  I really do need to go into McDonald's more often to see who I'm talking to.  Ok everyone, be happy!

Monday, March 05, 2012

It's clear!! Jack in the Box OREO Cookie Ice Cream Shake will be on best fast-food shakes list

Jack in the Box OREO Cookie Ice Cream Shake is the first shake to get on my best shakes list.  Ok there's no actual list yet and it won't be a top 10 or some other easy number to remember.

This picture was taken two weeks ago.  There were lots of very small cookie pieces in the shake. I've lost track of how many times I've had this shake.  I'm never disappointed and always happy to try to drink it though the straw. It's important to know there is a lot of calories and fat in this large shake according to the nutrition facts on the Jack in the Box website.  I am not telling anyone to have shakes all the time or on a regular basis. I consider drinking a shake to be a treat and not for every day.  Also, realize that I write about fast food and can't write reviews, make comparisons, or come up with these 'best of' lists unless I eat fast food and drink the soft drinks.

The number this shake will be on the list, like the other shakes, has not been decided.  I don't know how many shakes will be on the list or when the list will be finished.  It probably won't be a total like 10 or 20 but there won't be any fractions or decimal points, for example 22 1/2 shakes or 8.77 shakes.  I wouldn't do that to a shake. haha

Congratulations to Jack in the Box.  Now, what's the next shake on the list?  Don't know and if I did, I wouldn't tell. That's all for now.                          

Friday, March 02, 2012

Friesday night

I decided to eat the Carl's Jr. french fries on Friday evening.  They tasted pretty good while I was sitting there in my car eating them and listening to music.  But I had a bad headache and didn't get rid of it until later, when I took a pain pill similar to Excedrin but not that one because I couldn't find it at Walmart.  I'm not sure what's going on with that brand as it's not on the shelf.  I'm sure that's in the news, or maybe not, since you know, the mainstream news doesn't seem to report a lot of big stories, such as why was Congress really trying to stop free speech, which includes writing on the internet.  I decided not to capitalize internet because I believe it's for everyone on Earth and not just for the so-called powerful and rich people.  Someone is trying to stop me from getting on the internet and they are making a mistake because I stand for freedom.

Well, I haven't reached any conclusion on which fries are best, so that's more thinking for me to do.

Bean & Cheese Burrito

Bean & Cheese Burrito is one of the Green Burrito menu choices at this Carl's Jr. This is a good snack when it's hard to wait 'til supper.  I like it with hot sauce.