Sunday, May 13, 2012

Great! Great!

More than a few weeks ago (in 2011), I went over to Boise and had an unexpected double thrill. Gee!  Actually, G and GG.  Where to begin? Grasshopper, the name of a yummy Ice Cream Shake at Iceberg Drive Inn, and Gentle Giant, a '70s progressive rock band, were what I enjoyed together.  Well kinda. Here's what happened...

ICEBERG DRIVE INN has some really good shakes and I've had at least two kinds so far. What I'm talking about are big, thick Ice Cream Shakes, and it takes me two or three hours to finish from the starting time, which makes it clear I don't win shake eating contests. Eating?

Trying to get the shake through a straw would have been impossible for me, since I was busy paying attention to a radio show about a progressive-rock band I've liked for a long time, and which unbelievably was on the radio.

Maybe I was just having a nice dream.  I do know I was using a long plastic spoon to eat the shake and I wasn't in a hurry.  Let me rethink this, first I drove into the parking lot at this fast food restaurant and there was some ambient music on the radio. It was interesting and the song was an instrumental but sounded like David Sylvian, but I don't think it was him.

I wanted to continue listening to the song on the radio and didn't want to go inside so I went to the drive thru. The drive-thru menu was interesting and there were quite a few shake flavors but it said they didn't have some of the shake choices.  I asked if they had Bubble Gum flavor but they didn't.  About that time the Gentle Giant interview started on the radio, also with some parts of their songs.  If a pretty girl had suddenly been there with me, I would have known it was a dream, but forget the girl for a moment, this was Gentle Giant.  They're more important than girls.

Anyway, I chose what they call "Grasshopper". The gal taking my order told me that shake is made with Mint flavoring, Oreo Cookies and Vanilla Ice Cream. I also ordered some fries. A guy handed me the shake out the drive-thru window, and I wanted to get a picture of the shake before it began to melt on top.  I took out my camera but couldn't get a picture because it said no memory. It was then that I realized the memory card wasn't in the digital camera.

The shake was yummy! The color was a light green with some little dark cookie pieces, but the shake was down in the cup holder. The flavors, of course, were mint and chocolate and it had a pleasing texture as well. I was eating the shake after parking near the restaurant. The shake sticks out over the top of the cup it's in, and that cup is similar to a medium size. But they put that cup inside a large cup, which makes sense because the ice cream goes up over the first cup. I decided to eat the shake down to just below the top of the cup, then go to a store, and finish eating later.

While I was spooning the shake into my mouth, I listened to the interview and had a wonderful time, unless of course I was asleep.  Also, like one or more sci-fi movies which come to mind, how do I know what we think of as reality is real?  Wouldn't everything be more perfect if reality was really just a computer program that deceives us?  Oh yeah, I almost forgot about computer viruses. That makes computers pretty damned imperfect if you ask me.  Sometimes I wonder if all the great progressive-rock music of the '70s was real. Was it too good to be true?  Whether it was all real or just a fantasy, a dream, or a simulation, doesn't matter, but I sure wish there would be a return to that kind of music greatness!