Saturday, June 30, 2012


Another caption for the photo below could have been:  At least nobody attempted to use the scissors.

I think that's obvious unless somebody was a sitcom character, and then I suppose he could try what makes sense to him.  And of course she could do what makes sense to her too, if the sitcom character is a female, which is stated here to show I never discriminate when it comes to sitcom characters.

However, I'm not referring to the somebody lurking in the background of the photo. Ice cream cake isn't for dogs, and this one just keeps showing up around all kinds of food whether it's fast, slow, big, or small food.  The smile in the above photo is not an endorsement, and we don't endorse anything, though I write about fast food and blend in some humor because in my next life I wanna be a sit-down comic (in heaven) who eats while he's telling jokes, or a sitcom character who reads Fast Food Yummy and keeps saying stuff like:  I wanna be just like Scott even though he ain't a babe magnet.  The dog might wanna be a fashion model but my guess is it just wants to eat more food. I couldn't think of anything else to add at the moment. 

Oh yeah, I just listened to the new album by Cherri Bomb.  I bought the CD the week it was released but waited until now to listen to it.  I like it and had a good time.  They are getting the last chance to get into my pop list, as if I thought this would be pop! It's hard rock/heavy metal and a pretty awesome song!

There's gotta be a right way to cut this ice cream cake

But no right way to eat it, except wait for it to thaw enough to make
that possible. This is a DQ cake for a birthday.
I liked this simple yet beautiful cake and it was delicious! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Nicki and my Pop 10 or More

The Nicki Minaj album/CD was great and much better than reviews said, which I glanced at while thinking they've gotta be wrong.  Well they were wrong! Some music critics don't know what they are talking about and I can't believe they get paid for what they do. 

So far I've only listened to the CD once but it's going to get a high rating from me.  However, I'm trying to remain objective right now, until I have completed my list of top pop songs of the first half of 2012.  It will be a Top 10 or a more than top 10.  Though, yes, Nick Minaj's "Starships" probably will go higher than...  most of the other songs.  Will it be Number 1 on my list?  I can't wait to find out.

There's hope for the future, or at least hope as far into it as this coming weekend, and Saturday is when I will make the decision. 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Nicki Minaj

I put this CD on hold at Kmart last Friday evening because I didn't have enough money in my wallet.  On Saturday evening (last week), I went back to Kmart and picked her up, oops what I meant is I picked up the Nicki Minaj CD, the DELUXE EDITION of  "PINK FRIDAY: ROMAN RELOADED" (EXPLICIT).

Despite what someone might think, the windshield wasn't getting steamed up -- that's bugs -- but I was feeling excited because of the part(s) of the CD cover you can't see (on purpose).  Nicki is very sexy, beautiful, and of course I like her singing and her songs.

Next door to Kmart is McDonald's and I went there for iced coffee to cool down, though I'm saving my listening pleasure for this weekend and that way it will be almost as though I was getting excited to go to one of her concerts.  Haven't ever been to one or know when I will, but I still feel excited.  

I don't know if Nicki will ever come over here to the sagebrush capital of whereversville (I made that place up) but if so she can take me away in a Starship, and I'll go willingly. 

Seriously, I'm looking forward to more and more of her music.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Iced Coffee and guess where

I know some wise guy is thinking "did the digital camera take a sip of iced coffee from the bottom" because I know I would think something like that just because it sounds like a line from a '60s sitcom rerun. I'm not sure which character and sitcom...   Oh yes I am!  I know but I ain't tellin'.

Okay, I went to McDonald's and ordered medium iced coffee, with hazelnut flavor and I don't think you can see the flavor.

At around 9 pm when I was there, they were still making great iced coffee.  We also had iced coffee from the same McDonald's restaurant (both times from the drive-thru) at before noon a day earlier, which was June 1, and it tasted very good then. 

Not much later I chose to go for a shake at Jack in the Box. 

Last stop Saturday for a Shake

I liked the Jack in the Box Java Cookie Shake.  I'll get it again

People kept walking in and out of Jack in the Box, and it was hard to get a good picture.  But I didn't give up and after a few below-average pictures which I deleted, I finally got this picture.  It's not too bad I guess.

Note: Parking for disabled is off to the left near an entrance not in this picture, but part of the sign got in the left side of the picture.  I was parked in a regular customer parking, a different space which is for everyone.  Off on the right, there were people walking back and forth, and it was difficult to just get a picture of the shake and how they advertise it there on the front of Jack in the Box. 

From what I could see on Saturday at Jack in the Box, there were enjoying the evening and having fun.  It's a nice way to get a good feeling. 

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Conan meets some random Korean girls

As usual, I didn't post this on YouTube so this is not my title (above).

But the rest of this writing was created  in my mind, to my fingertips to the computer to the YouTube share "Blog This!" compose page, to your eyes, to your mind, but you shouldn't think long about this writing, just enjoy the video.

Yes, Conan shows us what comedy is.  Also, I think his example is something I can learn from, even if I'm not sure what it is I'm learning.

Start with the matching reddish beard and light brown jacket or whatever color that is, I now know how to be WITH IT and funnier, though I need better material.  And using my mouth would help, though I'll have to develop a sense of comedic timing. 

Also, my (new) thin beard (only part that is new) doesn't match any jackets I've seen in stores, so I will need to color my beard -- with a paint brush (I'm joking: NEVER DO THAT) back to its original and natural color of turquoise and magenta.  No? you don't believe me?  Okay, I respect your ability to detect a big giant fib.

Next, and I feel this is almost like play-by-play analysis of comedy, Conan's use of hands to make a joke is legendary.  I exaggerate but not enough to get me elected.

At the 34 and 35 second mark of the video, it almost looked like he was going to ...  Okay, I decided to talk myself out of my own little inside joke that was going to be here, not that it was very funny in a comparative sense, because there aren't many Star Trek characters that rhyme with church and tribble doesn't really rhyme with steeple, no one would get what I'm talking about, and more importantly I want to save my dumb joke for another time.  I know what I'm doing, even though you don't.  That was close! I thought by the time this post was finished, I would be the squarest pariah ever shunned by cliquish circles and love triangles alike.  I'm having a major Déjà vu experience because I think I've seen that sentence before, perhaps at a parallel university, I mean in a parallel universe.
More later, if and when I get around to it.  But my best guess is I'll quickly go back to thinking about and writing about fast food.