Saturday, June 30, 2012


Another caption for the photo below could have been:  At least nobody attempted to use the scissors.

I think that's obvious unless somebody was a sitcom character, and then I suppose he could try what makes sense to him.  And of course she could do what makes sense to her too, if the sitcom character is a female, which is stated here to show I never discriminate when it comes to sitcom characters.

However, I'm not referring to the somebody lurking in the background of the photo. Ice cream cake isn't for dogs, and this one just keeps showing up around all kinds of food whether it's fast, slow, big, or small food.  The smile in the above photo is not an endorsement, and we don't endorse anything, though I write about fast food and blend in some humor because in my next life I wanna be a sit-down comic (in heaven) who eats while he's telling jokes, or a sitcom character who reads Fast Food Yummy and keeps saying stuff like:  I wanna be just like Scott even though he ain't a babe magnet.  The dog might wanna be a fashion model but my guess is it just wants to eat more food. I couldn't think of anything else to add at the moment. 

Oh yeah, I just listened to the new album by Cherri Bomb.  I bought the CD the week it was released but waited until now to listen to it.  I like it and had a good time.  They are getting the last chance to get into my pop list, as if I thought this would be pop! It's hard rock/heavy metal and a pretty awesome song!