Sunday, March 31, 2013

The One that can't get away

I think McDonald's Fish McBites are fun to eat and while the napkin I was holding this one with caused it slip out of my hand and sink part way into the tartar sauce, not to worry... Fish McBites can't swim, there's not much tartar sauce, and even if there were, did you ever try to swim in tartar sauce? I'd like swimming in a milkshake the size of a lake better but that would be too cold, so don't try that at home. Okay enough kidding around, I like Fish McBites but last night I ordered the Large Fries at a different McDonald's drive-thru because fries are easier to eat in a vehicle, when I'm sitting there just kind of spacing out on a Saturday night. The fries were not their best but most of the time that particular McDonald's restaurant is much better. It was a very slow drive-thru but there must be a positive way to look at this, though I can't think what it is right now. I tried to come up with an analogy using tartar sauce, lots of fish in the sea, having to wait when I don't want to, but this a fast food blog and I do my best to get away from thinking too much. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

One more time...

A day later, and wanting to see if it was basically the same at another Carl's Jr., I ate the Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich again and have to say this is one of the best sandwiches I've had in years. There are others of course, but this is one of my favorites.The sandwich (in the photo) was more juicy than the sandwich the day before, but probably about equal in flavor, with plenty of lettuce and tomato.

Wait a minute... keep waiting...

sorry, I'm trying to compare buns: This bun and the Cod Fish Sandwich bun on the Carl's Jr. website, and the bun in their fish sandwich commercial (on YouTube) which doesn't appear to be popular with feminists and girls who just plain don't like men. Don't get me wrong, I like women and girls, just not the ones who don't like men. If you don't like the commercial, you should say so but not imply all men like the commercial because I didn't think it was very good. 

More on the fish sandwich buns...

well, I don't know much about buns but this one seems different on top.  I could go out today and look at  buns, and of course I mean sandwich buns, although I probably won't get this fish sandwich today. I had a funny idea for the closing sentence but I don't want any girls or women thinking to themselves that I'm going to a very hot place someday, unless it's a tropical island or something. If it helps you to imagine everyone wearing lots of clothes on that tropical island, that's your problem. haha

Thursday, March 14, 2013

a Bikini Model sitting across from me wouldn't have made this fish sandwich any better

The sandwich didn't need to be any better because I thought it was great! But (or in this case, Butt) a Bikini Model sitting on my lap would have been OK. I wouldn't have said No, because it would have just made the sandwich even more fun to eat. 

This is just in reference to the commercial for The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich at Carl's Jr. and Hardee's (as viewed on YouTube) which featured a bikini model in the commercial. I think she's an expert on the sandwich, or something, but I don't have her email address so I can't ask her if it really was as delicious as she made it look. Butt that's fine with me. haha

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bought a gift card for myself

I went through the drive-thru to get a gift card because I didn't want
to get money back when I bought the fish sandwich. I've already been
sick twice this year so I'm just being careful to reduce the amount of money I touch.
There were a couple of misspelled words but if I correct those words then it will appear I'm a thousand times better than the haters and really I'm only maybe a hundred times better. haha. Joking. Damn, I'm funny. No, I'm far from perfect, and I don't want to be perfect either. Man, that would be boring.

Sorry to readers.  I thought the video could be shared but apparently someone doesn't believe in freedom of information.  I don't understand it.

"Sun Tan" - The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich at Carl's Jr. ® a...

Where to begin? First, some girl commented on YouTube that this Carl's Jr. commercial is for old men who can't find dates. I did click to see what she's been watching on YouTube, not that I really care, and I guess it's obvious the reason she doesn't like men... she watches Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos, who both have TV shows about extreme relationship problems among other topics.  I've watched them too, but I don't take these shows too seriously and know even if it's true, it's not the average people who are on these shows, or probably the world would have ended back in the '90s.

More first, there are a lot of man haters out there, and many are females which really is there problem. We don't like you either, so deal with it.  That just goes for the mean women and girls, which I think is a word some of them use because they like to be immature and say whatever silly things enter their minds.

However, continuing with First, I like lots of women and girls and respect them, and they earn respect by being good people and being their best at what they do.

I guess then the second point is that some young women and girls are models, actresses, singers, dancers, and other types of entertainers and I don't read the same criticisms of women who have chosen to wear skimpy costumes, for example Lady Gaga, who probably has more young girl fans than men who are fans. I like watching her videos sometimes and even more like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, and some other pop, rap, soul, and R&B singers who are very sexy young women wearing some of the most enticing outfits of all time. In other words, let's not be hypocrites and say a fast food commercial is naughty if we're not prepared to fair and criticize everyone equally.

I didn't like it that I had to sign in to prove I was old enough to watch the director's cut, which in my opinion wasn't very good, and could have been sexier and more interesting. This version is better though it's still only mildly amusing or slightly funny.  It could have been much better and they should have put more thought into the dialogue.

The sandwich was great!  It's delicious and I ate it this morning, perhaps spurred on to get it by the fact that some girl said she wasn't going to go there anymore.  At least I wouldn't have to see one man hater there.  Oh heck, I don't know if she hates men yet. She needs to love everyone, and love fish too.

The Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich is a winner.  I'm not much for "charbroiled" but I wanted to cancel out someone else's vote, or rather cancel out their comment with what is much better, my writing.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Hot Cinnamon, You're No Strawberry (Shake)

Right now I'm into experimenting with fast food choices.  My hair isn't standing up on end while I spout wild equations that could get us 'somewhere'...  no, it's just a matter of me trying some foods and beverages I've never had before.

Jack in the Box appears to like the word "hot" and while their Hot Mess Burger looked exciting, I didn't try it because I just wanted to be careful and not do anything that might give me a stomach ache.

However, I was ready for something different that didn't necessarily make sense or follow logic and for me that was the Hot Cinnamon Shake at Jack in the Box.  

The shake looks like their other shakes except it's a dark shade of pink or is that a light shade of red.  I don't know what they call that color, but the shake was hot, maybe like the hot cinnamon candy, but I don't remember what that's like since it's been so long since I ate it, and I hope it will be longer, meaning I don't like that candy.

The shake kind of made my throat sore at first, though it's mainly a strange feeling, and I suppose if I went to another planet where they served some strange, exotic beverage, it would be different too. But I'm planning on staying here, on Earth, and drinking shakes I'm used to and really like..