Friday, March 01, 2013

Hot Cinnamon, You're No Strawberry (Shake)

Right now I'm into experimenting with fast food choices.  My hair isn't standing up on end while I spout wild equations that could get us 'somewhere'...  no, it's just a matter of me trying some foods and beverages I've never had before.

Jack in the Box appears to like the word "hot" and while their Hot Mess Burger looked exciting, I didn't try it because I just wanted to be careful and not do anything that might give me a stomach ache.

However, I was ready for something different that didn't necessarily make sense or follow logic and for me that was the Hot Cinnamon Shake at Jack in the Box.  

The shake looks like their other shakes except it's a dark shade of pink or is that a light shade of red.  I don't know what they call that color, but the shake was hot, maybe like the hot cinnamon candy, but I don't remember what that's like since it's been so long since I ate it, and I hope it will be longer, meaning I don't like that candy.

The shake kind of made my throat sore at first, though it's mainly a strange feeling, and I suppose if I went to another planet where they served some strange, exotic beverage, it would be different too. But I'm planning on staying here, on Earth, and drinking shakes I'm used to and really like..