Friday, November 22, 2013

Four Singers

Four singers:

Kelly Clarkson
Ai Shinozaki

Second songs:
Ai Shinozaki in singing group AeLL 『ありがとうサヨナラ。』
"Goodbye Thank you."
note: I see another translation of this that is: Sayonara "Thank you. "
Kelly Clarkson "Dark Side"
Ne-Yo "Let's Go" - Calvin Harris "Let's Go" featuring Ne-Yo
Rihanna "Where Have You Been"

I listened to these songs to know more about their singing but not for the final decision about who was the best singer for the first half of 2012. My decision is about four singers and four songs (below).

For the decision
First songs:
Kelly Clarkson "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
Rihanna "Take Care" -  Drake "Take Care" featuring Rihanna
Ai Shinozaki  "Play for Free"
Ne-Yo "Leave You Alone" - Young Jeezy "Leave You Alone"
featuring Ne-Yo

Note: I changed the order of appearance of the four singers on purpose because the order doesn't matter and has nothing to do with my decision.

Also, I listened to a some Live performances but couldn't find Ai Shinozaki "Play for Free" Live version so I watched and listened to the video on YouTube for "JOY" by AeLL. I tried to find a good version of "Take Care" Live and while Drake sounded good, I couldn't find a good one with Rihanna singing so I listened and watched a video of her Live performance of "Where Have You Been". I did find good Live versions of "Stronger" and "Leave You Alone".