Sunday, December 22, 2013

Spies Should Be Fired But I'll Give You a Map to Go Fishing, or not

Originally, I started this article with I'm no longer funny, and after some deep thought I decided to start it with  originally, I started this article with I'm no longer funny.

This almost looping opening paragraph wasn't brought to you by anybody. If it had been brought to you by somebody, it probably would have been brought to you by really intelligent people who are bored, but not the ones spying on me and perhaps some of my biggest fans. 

Actually, I have no idea why the NSA is spying on Americans. There's nothing funny about it, and it's very, very damn serious because they apparently don't care about the Constitution and protecting it is what matters to me.

Damn, it's almost the end of 2013! I never had any idea the NEWS would be so horrible and frightening this year. It makes me wanna go fishing? There was a map on a bun this summer and I should have seen where it went to or posted the bun (picture) at that time. Am I just trying to waste the time of all the internet spies who want to spy on all us nice and (damn I'm) average people in America. This is America and I love America! God Bless America! 

Where's the bun? Next time!

If it is a map and does go to a good fishing hole, then maybe all the spies can go there when WE THE PEOPLE 'let you go'. That means you should be fired by your boss. That's us.