Friday, March 28, 2014

2013 better Luck with the Shamrock Shake

McDonald's McCafe Shamrock Shake can look pretty good in photos. This year, however, my luck ran out. Two of the shakes were weak in flavor, which means they weren't very 'minty' tasting. One of those shakes wasn't at all like I thought it should be. I kept trying to get a good Shamrock Shake and good picture. Maybe I will put a shake picture on here, but a picture from last year would be better.

Friday, March 07, 2014

Turn On... this Song

Best music to listen to when going out? I have heard so many songs on the radio and it's hard to remember. This is 2014 and I want to hear songs that have some action and excitement. When I'm driving around, I hope to hear "Can't Remember to Forget You" by Shakira and featuring Rihanna. The video is good but I don't watch it while I'm driving because I don't want to wreck, and also don't want to feel too good. These young singers are beautiful and there's too much going on in the music video to describe in a fast food blog. Oh yeah, that's right this is me here and like I said before, besides fast food I will also write about the things people talk about when they go out for food, soft drinks, or whatever. My goal at the moment is to kind of cancel out the negative comments on YouTube. In my opinion it's a great song and I like it a lot.

So it's good to be positive, though I doubt that when I'm driving around I'll see any young women a tenth as pretty as them. What's much more important, the song rocks and it's fun to listen to and watch!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Halibut Sandwich from Arctic Circle

My recent fast food was from Arctic Circle restaurant: Halibut Sandwich and Tater Tots. The sandwich was good, and bigger than I expected. The Tater Tots were oily but with the halibut sandwich were a nice meal (not a meal listed on the menu) and if this is possible and I say it is, made fast-food sense to me.

I had two iced coffees, one from Jack in the Box and the other from Burger King. It was a fun night of fast food, and with my notes on iced coffees, now I'm getting ready to decide on the best iced coffee for the most recent period of time.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Having some problems and maybe I will post tomorrow.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Feel That! Vibrations free of Equations

I ought to do that headline over again as a song title or something similar. Alright, why not. Anyway, Friday wasn't exactly an unpredictable response to what happens here when fast food comes home. Fast food, come home! Okay, that was cute of me. You remember Dolly, well she was very excited when I walked in with fast food. Some say/spell her name Dollie, but to me, besides Dolly she is Piglet or Chublet (I pronounce choo-BLAY) even though she has a better shape now, because she still loves food that people eat -- and way too much. I have a better shape too (than several years ago, when I lost weight) but we're not necessarily in shape because I train (training my stomach) so I can eat foods that have vegetables. So yes, I eat salads. Sometimes raw vegetables bother my stomach, so I'm trying to take on raw vegetables on a daily basis. This may not last but I've been doing that for a couple of weeks. Anyway, back to this dog whose favorite food is... hmmm (I'm pretending to be deep in thought)... whose favorite food is... any style of cooked chicken, pizza, Chinese food, fish, and many more, but fish from a fast-food restaurant was what we (the people, plus you know who) had Friday. I know I left out many of Dolly's favorite foods because just about every time she eats it's her favorite food. Fish was her favorite on Friday, so let me focus on fish.