Sunday, October 18, 2015

This is a will be.  sentence was stupid. OK gosh i forgot now. I'm not sure if lower case 'i' knows anything. But I do.

Call this the Center.

Not the Middle. Why not? Respect for a band.


That's one reason I chose the word center for my song title "Center" ...  However, here, let's see now, is more about the Center of the decade, because it's not exactly the middle anyway. Also, I don't care too much about that point, or at least not as much as I care about the  point

However, that's for somewhere else. Here, Space travel is what we're talking about, and going on what seems like a very, very, very long trip (oh I don't have enough space here for how much very that is) to Where-Every.

I'm hoping we will reach that world of LOVE.

If Reality doesn't stop Us.