Monday, December 28, 2015

A dog was hit by a vehicle while I was in Taco Bell and I'm very sad

This afternoon, Monday, December 28, 2015 was the worst feeling I have probably ever had while in a fast food restaurant. I was having iced coffee inside of Taco Bell when...

A person sitting near the window of the restaurant was upset and I asked what happened and he said a driver was speeding on the street in front of the restaurant and the vehicle hit a dog.

I went outside with him and I saw that a dog was lying helpless in the street and couldn't get up. It was the street that goes by Taco Bell in Ontario, Oregon. I went back inside and said we need to call the police. Some things are bothering me too because I think the police are bullies lately and they don't care about the law. That's what they are supposed to do is protect people and protect animals too especially pets. But I've noticed they aren't doing their job like they should sometimes.

Someone took the dog in a vehicle and I don't mention what kind of vehicle and can't remember, but I hope it got immediate attention from a veterinarian and I hope it's okay and survives. God bless you and protect you, nice dog. I went inside Taco Bell and sort of tried to stay calm and not cry in there. But then I went over to another store and started crying because I saw the dog looked like it was in pain and I was so sad when I saw it in the street. That was the worst I remember feeling. When I was crying I think some young woman or girl saw me when she drove up in the car and parked next to me. She smiled to maybe sort of to say don't worry, it'll be okay. I went in that small store but felt sad. Then I went to Walmart next and walked around for a while because I thought I needed to relax and not worry or be nervous before I drove the car again. 

Earlier in the afternoon, I sent a graduation present of money to my nieces who are my friends (now) because they're not actually my relatives, and one girl wanted to call me friend instead of uncle. They're not from America and don't live in America. I sent them and their parents cards, good wishes, and presents during 15 years. I love them.