Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ima: I don't feel super today, Scott, just hungry.

Scott: Yeah, I feel the same way.

Ima: What's Хлеба doing over there? She has that Kzahmuh device thing? What does that do?

Scott: I'm not sure, they can see the past and the future, I guess.

Ima: cool but is she changing something, she's turning some knobs or pushing keys or buttons, turning dials, etc. and it bothers me.

Scott: I heard you girls talking

Ima: Ann is here and we're all ready to eat.

Scott: I'm typing this up to tell Gertrude.

Ima: Oh-Kay!!

Scott: Don't get angry with me, you invited Gertrude and Jane or Jasmine to put on the fashion show for Уовгитьчамыща and we had fun.

Ima: Yes, we sure did.

Scott: So then, to Gertrude:


Ima: Hi Scott. I don't feel super today, just hungry.

Scott: Yeah, I feel the same way.

Ima: Hey Хлеба. What are you doing? I've been waiting for Ann to show up and

Хлеба: I'm not doing much, I'm a bit upset. Scott, look at this, I'm sorry but I had to do something.

Scott: We need to go outside and see if it works. You did a great job. 

Ima: Wait! She's what?! Ann is hurt? and Kzahmuh is dead? Noooo!!!!

Scott: Let me see that... Oh no! What happened?!
(Ima and Scott both crying.)

Хлеба: Don't worry guys, it will be alright.

Ima: Ann and Kzahmuh got hurt by that spaceship, that's terrible, it will never be all right again. Kzahmuh is dead and Ann is injured.

Хлеба: Was! Kzahmuh was dead and Ann was injured. Not now.

Ima: What are you saying, Хлеба?

Хлеба: Maybe I shouldn't have, but I went back and changed what happened?

Scott: How did you do that?

Хлеба: Went back in time and put out a field with a landing strip for them to safely land on.

Ima: OK I'm looking out the window and don't see it.

Хлеба: Look up!

Ima: I don't see anything up above.

Хлеба: Press here on Kzahmuh's device.

Ima: Ohhh Wow! It's like magic!

Хлеба: It's real!

Ima: Where is the spaceship?

Хлеба: It lowered them to the ground, the field goes down in that area.

Ann: Hey Ima! What's going on in there? I thought we were going out to eat treats.

Хлеба: I thought you said Ann wasn't here yet.

Ima: Oh I forgot, I guess... Yeah Ann! I'll be out in a few minutes.

Scott: What's going on? I'm confused.

Хлеба: Same! I thought I had this all worked out, this is getting weird!

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Kzahmuh: Ima, Get the door.

Ima: OK who is it, Kzahmuh?

Kzahmuh: I don't know. (exhaling in frustration)

Ima: Alright, sure!

Ann: Hi Ima. I'm so happy to finally meet you.

Ima: Hi Ann. Me too, I've been waiting for you to come.

Ima: Kzahmuh, I want you to meet my friend, Ann, she wants to be with us.

Kzahmuh: Hi Ann, I'm happy you're here. Are you from around here?

Ann: Nice to meet you. Yes, I just walked here. I wanted to tell you, when I was walking I met someone, another girl who said she was looking for you Ima, and said you like pink and black clothes

Ima: grrr...it's her. aaah I'm so mad.

Ann: what's wrong, Ima?

Ima: It's the other Ima who likes those colors.

Ann: Another Ima? This is pretty strange.

Kzahmuh: Don't worry about this, it's nothing, Ann. We're very glad you're here.

Ann: Thank you, Kzahmuh.
I understand competition, that girl who I talked to while I was walking here looked a little bit like me.

Хлеба: uht oh! 

Ann: Hi. We haven't met. My name is Ann. What's wrong.

Ima: Oh it's no big deal, universes intersect, all hell breaks loose, that kind of stuff.

Ann: How do you know that?

Хлеба: Don't worry about it, Ann, there could be trouble.

Ann: Really? That sounds fun!

Ima: My kind of girl. Yay!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Kzahmuh: I think there's something wrong with my Kzahmuh-vision, Хлеба.

Хлеба: What?

Kzahmuh: I don't know, but Ann was supposed to be here by around 8 p.m. and it's, well what time is it?

Хлеба: I don't know but you're right. Maybe your TV of the future is only good at seeing the past.

Kzahmuh: Whatever the problem is, let's not tell Scott and Yavkitchamitcha, they'll be upset.

Хлеба: I hope Ann is alright and she'll be here soon.

Kzahmuh: oh here comes Ima, I don't know if we should

Ima: hi. What are you two doing?

Хлеба: nothing. why?

Ima: just thought I'd ask.

Kzahmuh: Ann is late.

Ima: yeah. I'm going to call her.

Хлеба: Maybe she can meet us at those restaurants.

Kzahmuh: I still think this is strange or wrong.

Ima: What's strange or wrong?

Kzahmuh: I'll see what happened an hour ago.

Хлеба: What do you see?

Kzahmuh: It looks like, wait a minute, oh no that spaceship crash landed and

Хлеба: I'm worried, Kzahmuh.

Ima: Me too, Хлеба.

Kzahmuh: Is that, um someone walking.

Хлеба: Yes. oh and now she's sitting down...

Ima: What's that in the sky? I mean, it looks like another spaceship. It looks like the same spaceship, but it can't be.

Kzahmuh: Can I ask something, Хлеба?

Хлеба: Sure, what?

Kzahmuh: Do you think we should have come to this parallel universe?

Хлеба: Why not? It's your parallel universe, isn't it?

Ima: What are you guys talking about?

Kzahmuh: Maybe this is all part of something we did that's going to change everything

Ima: or maybe this is what's supposed to happen.

Ima: oh yeah, Scott wants to say some nice words about Gertrude, then we better get out there and figure out if Ann is out there, but I'll call her first.

Хлеба: oh there's Scott.

Ima: hi. Where's Gertrude, and Yavkitchamitcha, Travaia, Jane or Jasmine, and The Cool Shadow? 

Scott: They're getting ready to go out to eat but we're waiting for Ann.

Ima: oh okay, here's Gertrude.

Scott: I'll say it next time.

Gertrude: What?

Scott: I just wanted to say thank you for helping us!

Gertrude: Sure, anything else I can do, let me know.

Ima: Sure, anything else I can do, let me know. 

Gertrude: Why are you repeating what I said, Ima?

Хлеба: She's jealous, Gertrude, but don't worry she'll be mad at me tomorrow.

Kzahmuh: I think we really have to get out there. She could be hurt. and what, who is that

Хлеба: hahaha it's you, Kzahmuh! of course

Kzahmuh: of course, what?!

Хлеба: and Ima, is that, um is that Ann?

Ima: you mean what?

Kzahmuh: What's better than one Ann?

Ima: I don't know, what?

Kzahmuh: two

Хлеба: really?!

Kzahmuh: I don't know but we need to find out. and you're saying that's me? Talk about a bad hair day!

Ima: hehehe

Хлеба: hey, your phone is ringing, Ima.

Ima: Oh-Kay! I'll get it! Hello!

Ann: Sorry, Ima, I had to do a few things and haven't left yet. I can come in a few minutes... (conversation continues...)

Kzahmuh: One more Ann makes three.

Хлеба: hehehehehe

Kzahmuh: this is gonna be a mess.

Scott: did you ladies forget

Ima: forget what, Scott?
oh okay, Ann, I will call you back, Scott said we forgot something.

Scott: our Anything, and our friend Yavkitchamitcha from this parallel universe, and the others.

Ima: no, we didn't forget about them.

Kzahmuh: this is going to be a long night.

Хлеба: yeah! but I'm looking forward to meeting the other you, Kzahmuh.

Kzahmuh: yeah! hahaha

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ima: Do you guys
        think I'm cute?
        I pretty cute, right?
Хлеба: Left.
           Why are you winking
           and blinking your
Scott: Ima, where's Ann?
          It's getting late, and I thought
          she would be here by now.
Ima: Yeah, I'm getting nervous
        and worried.
Хлеба: It doesn't look like it.
Уовгитьчамыща: You're in charge
             right now, Ima. I thought
             you'd have this figured out.
Ima: Yeah, I'm sorry.
Gertrude: Should I get defensive
               or put on a new desserts dress...
               oh yeah, Yavki, it's for more
               than desserts only.
Уовгитьчамыща: Yeah, that's right,
         and we'll be going out for breakfast
         by the time she gets here if...
Travaia: Can you kiss this better?
Ima: What is this?
Travaia: No. not you
Ima: What?! Why not me? I'm in charge
        today, umm tonight!
Travaia: I want Scott to kiss it.
             It's a battle wound. I was hit.
Kzahmuh: You had my invisible armor suit ON
                didn't you?
Travaia: Yes and No!  I did but then I gave
     it to Jane or Jasmine, and
Уовгитьчамыща: and what?
Travaia: I was hit by a
Уовгитьчамыща: What's this?!
Travaia: It's a nut !
Ima: You mean like a nut
         you put on cookies?
Jane or Jasmine: Yes! but
      I can eat them by the
      handful. Well, that and sugar.
Ima: by the handful?!
Jane or Jasmine: Yeah. It gets
      kind of messy but I don't like
      to measure.
The Cool Shadow: I'll try that with shakes next time!
Kzahmuh: Ladies, we have a problem, where's Ann?!!

Friday, March 23, 2018

heart LOVE
My Superheroes 
and to Where Every Ship
Ima: It's the Ship of Love
Scott: Yes, you're right Ima, honey.
Ima: Wow! Scott called me honey.
Уовгитьчамыща: I'm your honey too, Scott?
Scott: Yes, you're my honey, Уовгитьчамыща
Kzahmuh: He loves me even better!
Хлеба: Just like the other night, Scott?
Scott: What? Yes, I love you.
Travaia: What kind of love, Scotty dear?
        (flashing her smile and Easter egg lipstick)
Jane or Jasmine: I like your lipstick, Travaia.
       It says: C'mon baby, share my candy!
Ima: ahraa nooo, stop it!
Gertrude: You love Scott, don't you, Ima?
Ima: Yes! umm yes, I do!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ima: I'm sad, Scott
Scott: Why? Ima
Ima: because Anything
        isn't with us, also
        because we're going
        back to our Anything
        and leaving this Anything
Scott: Yeah, I know.
Хлеба: I'm sad, too, Scott.
Kzahmuh: me moo!
Ima: Moooo !!!!
Yavkitchamitcha: Why?         
                         and What?!
Ima: Oh, that's instead of
        Me too , I guess, to
        be different.
Travaia: Me moo! boo hoo!
Yavkitchamitcha: What's that
      in your hand, Хлеба?
Хлеба: oh it's nothing, Yavki.
Ima: c'mon Хлеба, it's something.
Хлеба: we're going to let Anything
      see and experience the pies
Ima: waffles too?
Kzahmuh: I hope Anything can be with me to eat candy!
Gertrude: I hope for that too
  and I don't know much about Anything.
Jane or Jasmine: I'm confused but
I like you guys because you came
back for me...
Yavki: we like you, Jane.
Jane or Jasmine: or Jasmine. can you
call me by both names.
Yavki: sure, honey!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Jane or Jasmine
is okay and great
let's celebrate
call Ima
Scott calls Ima
back, we
will have
fun now.
Tell everybody!
We're going to
party with
our favorites.
Ima: I want waffles.
Хлеба: Pies!
Kzahmuh: Candy!
Gertrude: All and Everything!
Ann: I'm not here yet but when I am, I'll love desserts.
Yavki: It's for more than dessert! I want really real cookies!
Scott: Me Moo!
Travaia: chakuhbesha!
Jane or Jasmine:
what she said
+ more sugar...
The Cool Shadow: Shakes!
                         me up!
voice by Ima:
Fried corny

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Ima: I have something to say
        when I can figure out
        what it is...
Kzahmuh: Are you calling Scott
               or talking to yourself, Ima?
Ima: Yeah, Scott left and
        so did Travaia, and...
Kzahmuh: You don't trust her,
                do you? Oh and where
                is the other you, from here?
Ima: Aaahhh oh no, I forgot about her.
Scott: Hi Ima! What's happening there?
Ima: Where are you?
Scott: Looking for Jane or Jasmine.
Kzahmuh: Look at this, Хлеба.
Хлеба: What is that thing, Kzahmuh?
Kzahmuh: It's a Kzahmuh-vision
   a TV of the future that allows viewers
   to see
   the past.
Хлеба: and the future? for example
what's going to happen tonight? I want my pies.
Kzahmuh: Let me see... Who's that?
Хлеба: She looks like
           she wants
           to fight.
           but she's
Kzahmuh: Yeah!
She's ready to fight us
or coming for a job
Ima: I invited her.
Kzahmuh: Who is she?
Ima: You can read, right?
Kzahmuh: Yes, of course.
Oh, is she a superhero.
It says on her dress
Amazing Ann !!
Is she a black lady?
Ima: Yes and she's
very nice and encourages me.
She is about 
my age and
easy to talk to
and will help us.
Хлеба: but
what's that up
above in the sky,
it says at just
before 8 p.m., it
looks like a
spaceship or flying saucer.
Gertrude: I had to freshen up a bit
               but I'm back. Let's go and
               get Jane or Jasmine. I hope
               she's OKay.
Ima: Yeah, she'll be okay, Gertrude 
        don't worry, Gertrude.
Scott: What's going on now?
Ima: We have to wait for Ann, but Yavki
  is coming with Cool.
Scott: OK but who's Ann?
Ima: I invited her
and there's something strange
                        in the sky.
I can't
wait to
see who
or what
is in that
Me Many.
I want
to meet an

Thursday, March 01, 2018


Gertrude: I think evil Cookies liked my cookies dress, or

Ima: or what, Gertrude?

Gertrude: or I just punched out two hundred cookies!

Ima: That's great! and that's SUPER!!!

Gertrude: thanks, Ima!

Ima: Yeah, the evil Cookies were bad guys, and nobody likes those kinds of cookies.

Kzahmuh: Those Cookies aren't cookies

Ima: What are they?

Kzahmuh: I don't know, but they're not really real cookies.

Ima: Did you taste one, Kzahmuh? haha

Kzahmuh: Don't laugh. Yes, I was stuck to Gertrude for

Хлеба: for a long time.

Kzahmuh: thanks for finishing what I was going to say, science partner.

Хлеба: Wow! thanks, I thought I was only your assistant.

Kzahmuh: No, you're doing great! You helped save us...

Ima: What are we gonna do with the rest of those bad-guy Cookies? I'm getting hungry and want a waffle. Scott, said we were going to eat soon.

Gertrude: Can I go with you?

Ima: Yes, of course, you saved us. We were outnumbered and you multiplied?!! How did you and what was that you did?

Gertrude: It's an old Pattern defense mechanism when invaders or enemies approach or try to hurt us.

Ima: You get hurt, I thought Pattern couldn't be hurt or feel pain.

Gertrude: Well, I was always on the end of the repeating pattern and I felt like I wasn't a part of anything, I got injured before battling a dangerous enemy and other times I was sad with no one to talk to, and

Kzahmuh: and We care about you and want you to be with us.

Gertrude: Sure, Kzahmuh, I'd like that.

Ima: Do you like waffles, Gertrude?

Kzahmuh: No. She likes candy

Хлеба: and pies.

Gertrude: thanks, I want to eat all.

Ima: what happened to the cookies on your cookies dress?

Gertrude: I ate some while I was fighting.

Ima: Don't tell Уовгитьчамыща. It was for her kinda like a birthday party.

Gertrude: but it's not really her birthday, and she won't be mad at me.

Уовгитьчамыща: I'm not mad and I'm not getting older either.

Ima: haha I hope I can stay the same age forever!

Уовгитьчамыща: I'm working on it, Ima, and I'll tell you when I've figured out how to make it possible.

Kzahmuh: Cand... I mean can I work on that too?

Хлеба: haha Kzahmuh, really thinking about candy?

Kzahmuh: Yes, you figured out what I want.

Уовгитьчамыща: See! You can have fun and get something done!

Ima: We sure did! Now let the party give us pleasure!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ima: I'm sure glad you're here, Gertrude! But I can't see anything, and I also can't see Anything!

Уовгитьчамыща: Gertrude is everywhere, or she's many Gertrudes!

Хлеба: I hope they don't hurt her dresses!

Scott: That would be a shame, Хлеба!

The Cool Shadow: Yeah, it would, but hit a cookie, man!

Scott: Okay, but this could get ugly!

Kzahmuh: Where's Travaia?

Ima: I don't know, like I said, I can't see what's going on!

a rude, disgusting Cookie: yeah baby, what's going on with you?

Ima: Can I answer that question with a question?

Kzahmuh: Will it be something about the cookie crumbles?

Ima: I thought more like how it would like to be turned back into ingredients with one of my Ima punches?

Хлеба: Nice one, Ima. You know, now I can't see and...

Ima: Yaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Ima: You're DONE!

Kzahmuh: hahaha another Ima to the rescue!

Ima: aaaahhhh oh it's her! but I'm glad you're here! Punch a cookie! 

Ima: I'm looking forward to it right now!

Хлеба: Where's everybody else?

Ima: They're coming! Уовгитьчамыща is landing your Anything!

Хлеба: How did you get here before them?

Ima: Don't tell anyone, but I fly a little bit!

Хлеба: Teach me!

Ima: Хлеба, don't worry about flying. Get back to fighting!

Travaia: I'm over here, girls! I can't find Jane or Jasmine. Maybe they have her?!!

Ima: Cookies, you better give Jane or Jasmine back!

Travaia: Yeah! Let's make this a cookie mess!

Хлеба: I've never seen so much of one person in all my life, Gertrudes are all over here!

Ima: This is fun but like the other me said, and I said earlier, the Cookies are DONE!

Уовгитьчамыща: Am I still in charge?

Ima: Yes, Yavki, you are. What do you want us to do?

Уовгитьчамыща: Let's show them what we're made of!

Ima: And that we're Superheroes?

Уовгитьчамыща: Yes, we're Superheroes, Ima!

Хлеба: Like she said, fight!

Ima: Time for some noise!

kuhhhh, kuhhhhwa

Friday, February 16, 2018

       : I said watch them. Where did SHE go?

Cookie Leader: Who is SHE, boss?

        : I'm FrostIng! I'm FrostIng! and SHE... she is the annoying superhero friend!

Хлеба: Her name's Ima, and she's a good friend and great superhero!

        : Quiet! I'm not talking to you, unless you want to be next because I'm going to eliminate superheroes, but you don't look too super.

Хлеба: I wouldn't try your luck.

         : I said QUIET! Cookie, what did I say last time, just so these GIRLS won't forget.

Cookie Leader: You said "duh..." Sir.

Ima: Can I complete your word?

Хлеба: Yay! It's Ima! Go for it, complete it!

Ima: You can if you like, Хлеба.

Хлеба: would that be: n, but I like "ON" better!

           : don't you mean "UN"?

Уовгитьчамыща: ON
Kzahmuh: ON
Gertrude: ON
Хлеба: ON
Scott: ON
The Cool Shadow: ON
Ima: ON and now I'll say that word: DONE!

Ima: Let Travaia and Jane or Jasmine go right now, or else!

          : HAHA HAHAHAHA

Ima with lightning speed appears behind FrostIng, grabs him and throws him to the ground. FrostIng bounces back up reaching for his gun, as Travaia gets free...

Ima: Here, Travaia, catch.

Travaia: I know it works against this type of gun and bad guy.


Хлеба: Watch out, Travaia! Cookies behind you, they have guns!

a Cookie: You're the one who's done. HA HA! 
                boom boom!

another Cookie: hey, the bullets went right off her! Get her!

Хлеба: Your in trouble, Cookies!

Kzahmuh: Yaaaaahhhhh!!!
                  Kzahmuh punches a Cookie and it falls to the floor!

Scott: This feels good throwing a Cookie down!
The Cool Shadow: Uwaahaahh pow!
Gertrude: This is fun!
Kzahmuh: Watch out, Gertrude!
Хлеба: How could there be so many evil cookies?!
There must be hundreds...


Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!
Gertrude: How do you like my cookies dress?! Whack! Pow!

Ima leads the fight against FrostIng and Cookies published Friday February 16 2018 Fast Food Yummy 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

     : well, this is going to be easy for me, eliminate some superheroes, or hmm starting with the superhero friend, is it I'm A

Ima: that's Eemuh you idiot.

     : Idiot? I'm the one with all the cookies, so keep an eye on her, watch 'em all and yes, she's first, a very unimportant footnote in history HAHA HAHAHA or just like a bookmark Edit..., Remove, and duh

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Today, Friday, February 9
2018, I want to say
I love our superheroes
and I care about us
and our travels and story.
Ima: I love our love 
        together, forever.
Scott: wow, thanks Ima.
Yavki: I love what
           we're doing.
Ima: What are we doing?
Yavki: Everything in
Ima: Anything makes
  everything within reach.
Yavki: Yeah! Let's go to
    the beach.
Ima: to the beat, beat
        beat, beat.
Хлеба: I'm dancing.
Ima: *censored*
what?!! I'm not allowed to say
her butt
always bounces
when she
that part 
at the
end of
the song.
cute and

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Scott: Are you okay, Kzahmuh?
Ima saved you and Gertrude, and Хлеба helped her.
Kzahmuh: Where am I, Scott? What happened?!
Scott: I'll let Хлеба explain because she knows.
Хлеба: You told me she didn't put her makeup on right, and she put some frosting on her face, and
Ima: Okay, now I understand now, that's why you licked her face. The taste test, Kzahmuh?
Kzahmuh: So I licked her, what's the problem with that, I was worried about Travaia because she was nervous looking at the cookies like they were bad guys...
Уовгитьчамыща: It's nice you're back with us again.
Kzahmuh: Back with you? What do you mean?
Хлеба: She means you were doing that for a long, long time and many, many times?
Kzahmuh: Really?
Ima: Yeah, Travaia's anti-gun probably works against typical bad guys, but Gertrude is too beautiful and sweet to be a bad guy. And like Хлеба said, she's a part of that group that are the same or try to be the same.
Kzahmuh: Yes, but we should ask her. Gertrude, I hope we can get to know more about you.
Gertrude: I know what you think about me, that I don't understand makeup and I only wanted to be a model because they didn't let me be beautiful before.
Хлеба: they?
Gertrude: you know us as Pattern or repeating Pattern mob.
I don't like that name, it's saying bad about us.
Kzahmuh: I'm sorry Gertrude.
Хлеба: me too, Gertrude.
Gertrude: I was always told I had to stay down on the end of the pattern so nobody ever got to see me or talk to me.
Хлеба: Really?!! that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear that, Gertrude.
Kzahmuh: hmm that must be why I don't remember you.
Gertrude: but I remember you, Kzahmuh. that's why I tried to be a model.
Kzahmuh: you succeeded at being a model and you're a great model, Gertrude!
Ima: sorry to change the topic, but where's Travaia and Jane or Jasmine?
       : HAHAHAHAHA I have them! and the world's going to have less superheroes very soon!
Уовгитьчамыща: Whose voice is that, Kzahmuh, do you recognize it? Another member of pattern?
Kzahmuh: I don't know. But those big cookies aren't cookies.
Travaia: Ima! 
        : OH so funny, she's calling her friend's name!
Ima: Superhero friend!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2018


Ima: That was too much, Хлеба. I'm gonna try harder to be
Хлеба: a nicer person?
Ima: What?
Хлеба: You're going to be a nicer person now?
Ima: no. 
Хлеба: no?!
Ima: We're superheroes! I'm going to try harder to be
a nicer superhero.
Хлеба: Show Scott and Уовгитьчамыща
Ima: and Anything. It's based on 
Хлеба: We can't say that, Ima, in case someone else is listening, and...
Ima: You're right.
Уовгитьчамыща: What?
Ima: Here it is, we know what to do to get Kzahmuh and Gertrude back with us again.
Уовгитьчамыща: How did you figure it out?
Хлеба: Gertrude is Pattern or one of the former members of Pattern, or as they were known the repeating pattern mob, but I think she's really nice so I don't understand how she could have ever been a bad guy.
Уовгитьчамыща: She's a guy? I thought Kzahmuh said all of Pattern were guys.
Scott: Yeah, that's confusing but I'm sure she will tell us more about it.
Ima: So then, this is the way to stop them from repeating what they're doing over and over and
Уовгитьчамыща: What's Kzahmuh saying?
Ima: and what's that device, Хлеба?
Хлеба: I think something, or someone else found out about it already and
Ima: Is it bad or dangerous?
Хлеба: No! It's just how I know 
Ima: What?
Хлеба: that Gertrude doesn't know how to put makeup on and she put frosting on her face.
Уовгитьчамыща: hahaha You're kidding.
Хлеба: No, I'm not, Yavki.
Уовгитьчамыща: okay, Khleba, what will you do?
Хлеба: Show her, Ima.
Ima: I push the STOP button to stop them from repeating! Then, I restart them by pushing the, no actually it's a, um pull down on this
Хлеба: I shouldn't let you be alone with him, but Scott helped you come up with that idea. It's based on what me and Scott, Kzahmuh and Travaia were working on for candy and pies.
Scott: Don't worry, Хлеба, we're going for candy and pies as soon as we get Kzahmuh and Gertrude back, and where are Travaia and Jane or Jasmine? Also, where's the other ship?
Ima: The other Anything is coming and
Хлеба: Kzahmuh has it all worked out, we're going to be able to cross over into our parallel universe and back again with no problem.
Scott: okay, They stopped!
Уовгитьчамыща: Start them up again, Ima!
Ima: should I push or pull?
Scott: I'm not sure.
Хлеба: We decided to pull
Ima: Then I pull on:  чагобжа
Хлеба: It's our new word, right, Ima?
Ima: Yeah, and it's powerful!!!