Friday, February 08, 2008

Scott's Notes on Coffee

Wind him up and he pours milk perfectly
into iced espresso drinks.

Before iced coffee was on the menu at the local McDonald's, I had to choose between overpriced iced lattes at coffee shops and an iced Americano for about a dollar less. The baristas ask me "Do you want room for cream?" and my reply often is "Yes!" So they add the half-and-half, but it's still too strong. So I would add a little milk later. Now I buy half-and-half from the store.

When I make coffee at home, which is the only way I've been drinking it the last three to four weeks, I like to add sweetened, powdered non-dairy creamer, a little half-and-half sometimes and possibly a spoonful of sugar. But I'm getting away from the main topic.

McDonald's had the best new fast-food menu item in '07 and also proved it could compete with Starbucks.

I'm wondering how many coffee drinkers are loyal to Starbucks and how many now prefer McDonald's iced coffee or another coffee drink such as the "Milky Way" from Dutch Bros. Coffee featured in November on Fast Food Yummy.

Hopefully this month, I will post more digital photos and tell you about my favorite coffee experiences of '07.

Photo by F.