Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Smiles at one of Thailand's best McDonald's

Photo: courtesy of N., Thailand
"Sawasdee", Thai greeting from
Ronald McDonald to customers at the
entrance of a McDonald's in Thailand.

By Scott McLean

My friend, N., in Thailand sent me the photo (above) for publication. Two years ago, we ate several times in this nice McDonald's in Pathumthani, Thailand, across from Zeer Rangsit Shopping Center.

We enjoyed eating there because the food was always delicious, the workers were polite and helpful, it was rather quiet when we sat near the window, and the restaurant is conveniently located near Asia Airport Hotel and a wide variety of stores and other restaurants.

Filet-O-Fish, a taro pie and Coca-Cola was my favorite meal at this McDonald's; sometimes I would add french fries. And that's another reason to have a friend, coz you can share the fries when they give you too many.

A meal in Thailand also goes easy on the wallet when compared to prices at restaurants in the United States.

Coca-Cola is better in Thailand than in America. Much better!!! Heck, that's just my opinion. But you know I'm right... Smile!

It's sweeter and not quite as carbonated, just the way I like it. (I hope to do a comparison at a later date.) Iced coffee was great!

A cute, yet sad-looking dog acted as though it might like a taste of fish, but it said no thanks in a doggie way. As we later discovered, the dog wanted chicken, and that's when we came to the conclusion that the KFC inside the mall was in the wrong location for street doggies.

But this McDonald's is in a great location and the whole fast-food experience was wonderful when I was there, so it will be on my list of favorites.

Note: I decided to repost some of my articles, including this article which was on Fast Food Yummy in September. This McDonald's restaurant will be on my list of favorites. I ate there in 2005.