Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beautiful Cake by S&P Bakery in Thailand

Fancy cake from S&P Bakery
in Thailand

Some people have more than one birthday party every year. This beautiful cake makes me think they are right!

Holidays are also good times to snack on sweets, so I'm glad they are almost here.

Making me hungry!!!

My friend, N., told me by telephone that S&P Bakery is one of the favorites of Thai people because the bakery uses the best ingredients in their cakes. In Thailand, other bakeries sell cakes that cost less than this one (in the photo), but the cakes made by S&P bakery are of very good quality. My birthday cake was rich and had the flavor of much butter, said N., paraphrased here.

It sure looks delicious, N!

Note: Photos by N.
Written by Scott.