Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Dolly!

"Gimme Five!"

One day in December, I bought and tasted seven hamburgers, from seven different fast-food restaurants. But really I only ate two or three bites of each one. Five of the burgers are seen in this picture.

Dolly, whose birthday is around this time of year though we don't know when, was trying to get to the burgers before I took the picture. I had to put up a gate to keep her back. Afterward, I gave her part of a burger (no bun) because she is such a good dog. She also got a little mixed into her dog food a few times.

Dolly is a cute Black Lab, but she loves food way too much. She begs for burgers, French fries, pizza (which by the way Mom bought a couple of days ago, and we unsuccessfully tried to play keep away from the dog)... ice cream, waffles, Borshch (also spelled other ways, but Dolly can't read so it doesn't matter) and Asian foods. No, I'm not going to break that down by country. It's best that something is left to the imagination.

We love her, but it remains a mystery to us why she likes international cuisines. Perhaps she is open-minded; but it's probably just her mouth that's open. haha

Photo: Scott McLean, taken in December '07.