Saturday, January 12, 2008

If only the ground were covered with ice cream

Snow is way cool, but not very sweet!
Words Dolly might say if she could talk.

This picture was from last winter, though I forget exactly when it was taken or who took it. And no, Dolly didn't take it by herself, using her back paws to snap the pic. haha

But that does sound like a strange cartoon plot, if Dolly were a cartoon character. What would I call it? Something like err... "the incredible feats (paws) of double-jointed photdographer Dolly."

Dolly likes ice cream. She loves people food, including Asian foods for some reason. Bad dog! Just kidding. She's a good dog that just likes to eat too much.

However, I'm not going to let her know about Halo-Halo, my favorite Filipino dessert, which I ate several times at Chowking in the Philippines. That was nearly three years ago, so now the halo-halo cravings are stronger than ever.

Note: The above photo was cropped and resized.