Friday, January 11, 2008

What the other half doesn't need to know

Do you keep a photo of your other half in your wallet? Or a picture of one of your favorite foods?

I'm not saying you ought to carry photos of milkshakes, donuts and cakes rather than a photo of your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or whoever that special person is.

Perhaps you can put the food pics after your spouses so you won't be in the doghouse, in other words in a heap of trouble with the love of your life. Unless the love of your life is a dessert, then don't worry about it. Maybe we are the same in our thinking. But for your sake, I hope not. lol

Speaking of dogs, Dolly (cute black lab) is going to make a guest appearance to introduce SNOW which now covers the ground. Then I'll try to articulate why I am hungry for a frozen dessert in the middle of winter. What's up with that anyway?!! Well, I'm sipping on iced coffee as I typed this post, so don't try to figure me out. Cold foods remind of nice warm weather, the summer and the beach. Yeah, that could be the reason.

With any luck, the wishful thinking will pay off when I wind up in shorts and a t-shirt on a tropical beach full of beautiful women. That's the dream I'm hoping to have tonight. LOL