Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Age is only a number, Dolly still loves pizza

Precarious moment for a pizza?!
The camera angle makes us think this
pizza, from a Domino's Pizza store,
could slide off onto the floor.

And Dolly--that cute black dog in some of my previous posts--wouldn't mind one bit. She is another year older, and hungrier for people food. We have a pizza together sometimes and as always we didn't leave out our four-legged friend. She wouldn't allow us to exclude her. haha Silly chowhound!

We love the pizza from Domino's, especially their Hawaiian pizza (pictured) which has Canadian bacon, Dolly's fave topping, and pineapple. I like the aroma of this pizza and its flavorful crust more than that of most other fast food pizzas, because the crust is soft, yet firm. The topping is yummy! Dolly would ditto my comment, if she knew how to ditto a comment. But she's just a nice dog -- with a favorite foods list, (probably) longer than mine.

Photo: Scott McLean