Thursday, February 07, 2008

Got the dinner guest list, and now just need a time machine to get them to the table

The above picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day. I edited out our family. Yes, a holiday feast without people would be lonely and strange, but there would be more food for me! LOL

However, since it's important to share food with others, I thought it would be interesting to ask readers which people they would choose as dinner guests if they could get anyone from any time in the history of the world. Kind of interesting, right?

Would you pick celebrities? Beautiful models? If you are a lady, you can choose handsome dudes, but don't tell me about it unless I'm one of them. I'm kidding, sort of.

It's also fine if you invite politicians. Perhaps you would have a presidential debate right there at the dinner table?! Uh, cool and not cool, at the same time.

What about cartoon characters? Or maybe you prefer science fiction characters or the ones from novels, actors or the characters they play in the movies or TV? Would you invite historical figures -- you know, the great people of the past, including leaders, musicians, sports heroes?

The one drawback of such a dinner is there's no telling if they would get along with each other. On my short list (though not in any particular order) before I narrow it down to four are: Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ and Mahatma Gandhi; TV show character Sheriff Andy Taylor from "The Andy Griffith Show" (could also invite Andy Griffith, the actor who played Andy Taylor); Captain James T. Kirk, a character from the first "Star Trek", a TV sci-fi series from the '60s; the first person to dress up as Ronald McDonald, the famous clown-mascot of McDonald's; Michael Jordan, the former NBA superstar who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships and who also was, in my opinion, the greatest basketball player ever; Ichiro Suzuki, one of Major League Baseball's best hitters for average; and several famous artists, photographers (No, not paparazzi), and numerous rock bands and jazz musicians, too many to list here. Yep, this post is the result of too much caffeine. haha Well, I haven't narrowed down my list. It gives me something to do when I can't fall asleep at night. Perhaps you can come up with your own list. Have fun!

Photo and photo editing: Scott McLean