Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today, blogging from the Heart

Some people seem to think I'm just a nice guy, who never gets hurt or offended by cutting remarks. But some words can be painful. I've noticed on the Internet there are all kinds of people. No, I'm NOT talking about where they are from, or anything like that... I'm talking about how they treat others. Most people are kind and considerate. But I've encountered a few who don't respect other bloggers.

Most of us know a few individuals in our lives who say bad things about what we care about, and that can really make some times miserable. So, we should all love one another and be nice to each other.

This blog is where I write about fast food, but it's not only about food. It's about me, too. I don't work for any food companies/chains, nor do I speak for them at all. I have no biases other than the pursuit of yummy fast foods.

It's just a lot of fun. The reason I started this blog is because my friend in Thailand gave me inspiration to write and remember our happy times together, which included going out to fast food places. I love my friend so much and I just wanted to say that here.

My goal is to post the rest of my Favorite 50 Fast Foods (and beverages), which has taken longer than I expected due to my difficulty in limiting the list to ONLY fifty. Yeah, I'm sure I could come up with 100, but that would lack originality and be boring, too.

It seems I've digressed quite a bit in this post. Getting back to what I was saying in the opening paragraph: It's important to show people we care about them. Forget about trying to show someone that you know more than they do. Also, don't tell them what they care about isn't important or doesn't matter. Instead, think of some kind words to cheer someone up. I'm guessing they will really appreciate it. Take care and have a great day!