Monday, April 14, 2008

This is a strange post

Hi there! How are you?

Yes, you read my mind if (in a whiny voice) you said: He has the Wal-Mart salon haircut. It's the latest thing, the chipmunk-with-a-cowlick cute look. Nice of you, really! Lol. No, no don't...

Now just a minute! Hey, don't think what you are thinking... Singapore's hot, hot, hotties (ouch! burned myself) those babed-out, gorgeous chick bloggers did not photoshop this pic, otherwise wouldn't I have told them to give me more hair??

You got it. I am trying to flatter some of my pretty readers. But I'm taken. Really! At least I think I am. Yeah, I knew you didn't want me anyway. Hey, don't rub it in. Show some teeth. No, not fangs. I mean smile. haha

Now see how much you people made me suck, by pushing me into a corner, telling me this blog was only about food and that all I like is food. Errwrong!

This blog is not just about fast food! For example, this time it's been about how confused I am when I'm not writing about food. See, I'm a very versatile guy. Although next time I'm going to write about food, or a topic related to food.

Hey everyone, take it easy. See yah later.