Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wishing Pies Grew On Trees

Dolly: I see a tiny piece of the pie, but aren't McDonald's little
apple and cherry pies 2 for $1 where he bought them? Why doesn't he show me both pies? It's because he's a cheapskate. I'll bet he doesn't even open the door for all the OTHER pretty girls.

Dolly: He didn't even have to tell me to smile. I threw that
in for free, unlike those beeeautiful supper models. (Dolly,
they are supermodels, not supper models. haha)

Dolly: You know what, if I can get that little pie box away from him, I'll check to see if there's a pie tree in there. That way I won't have to settle for apples, plums and whatever else falls on the ground.

Dolly: If he doesn't give me that piece of pie in a few minutes,
I plan to hold a protest on the front lawn. Which means I suppose
I gotta make up with the squirrels if I want them to hold PICK IT
signs. We are gonna pick all them fruit trees and get mom to make us a few hundred dozen fruit pies. Then, after we are all full of pie, I'm going to REALLY dig lotsa holes in the garden, so we can plant some of them trees that have fruit pies on them.


That's great, Dolly! Actually at one time McDonald's had TV commercials about a fairytale-like place called McDonaldland. In this commercial, Ronald McDonald gives two kids a mini tour to see "apple pie trees" and lotsa other cool things. I found the video on YouTube, which I'm sure readers will find interesting. My take on the commercial is: I wish we never had to cook any meals, and that all the food grew that way. That would be cool! If burgers grew on plants, it would sort of confuse vegetarians, I think. Maybe they would be soy burgers, which I eat all the time. They are delicious with a slice of melted cheese on top.

I'll have more on these topics sometime, though I'm not sure when that will be. Take care. Have a great day! Enjoy your meals and snacks!

Note: I did write Dolly's lines in this post (that's obvious) because I have an amazing mental power (joking, of course) which allows me to translate a dog's greatest desire--to eat 24/7--into words less intelligible than its own barking sounds. haha

Disclaimer: I do not work for McDonald's or other fast-food chains written about on my blog Fast Food Yummy and I do not speak for them. I am a writer and fast food is interesting to me.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What if a Fast Food Outlet opened in your Backyard?

Well, I'm back again. Now it seems to me I drank that mixture of Coca-Cola and Fanta Strawberry more than once this month.

Since then, I ate fried chicken from KFC and French fries from A&W, which are together in one fast-food restaurant. That's pretty darn cool if you ask me.

A&W fries waiting to be eaten!

We all like fried chicken and fries, and the lovely dog-princess Dolly is a big fan of fast food. It's ok that she's a fan, just not a BIG fan. haha

I'm not sure what Dolly really thinks about on a daily basis, but my educated guess is she would like a famous fast-food franchise to open in the backyard. I don't know. I think there's a law against it and also the fact that the marketing battle about location being everything didn't have canine customers in mind. haha

Let's change the subject shall we. Ok, write more about Dolly? Hmmm, alright... she does like to eat fruit when it falls to the ground, or if she can reach it on the branches of the fruit trees. But she prefers fruit pies to the fresh fruit. More on this important topic next time.

I really ought to sign this post: By Dolly. Now I feel so embarrassed. haha

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mixing Fountain Drinks is Fun!

Coca-Cola and Fanta Strawberry soda together
in the same Carl's Jr. cup... at last! Yum!

I love mixed fountain drinks. My all-time favorite is about half Dr Pepper and half Diet Coke. Fanta Orange was one of my favorite sodas during the past couple years because it really quenches the thirst on hot summer afternoons. Orange was better by itself, whereas the strawberry pop is best mixed because otherwise it seems too sweet. That's just my opinion. They are all quite tasty.
In this photo which I took last week, the flash brought out the red color of the strawberry soda. That's basically how it looked to me when I was drinking it.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for dropping by. What's happening there this weekend? I'm drinking some coffee, updating my blog and getting hungry. Maybe I'll post more pics this weekend.

Disclaimer: The links on this blog are to other blogs or websites. I am not responsible for the content on those blogs or sites.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fast Food and Hot Chicks are all over the Internet

Disclaimer: This post probably isn't suitable for minors and it also might not be suitable for people between the ages of 40 and 101, my Grandma's age; or for married guys, coz your wives probably don't want you reading my blog. Heck, this blog just plain isn't suitable. Period. But to those of you who enjoy it, I thank you. I think it's especially fitting for unmarried adults who are bored on the weekends, or whenever, and have nothing better to do. But there's no doubt it is suitable for those individuals looking over their old disco suits and wondering whether life has passed them by.

Looking around the Internet, I was able to find many people having fun eating fast food. Let's see what's going on out there...

At a McDonald's in Japan, ice cream and a pretty smile really go together. In another McDonald's location far away, it looks as though fast food can make a fashion statement, but I can't verify it. And, for your information, I wear faded jeans.

I've said one day I will go to Japan, and hope to stay much more than one day. So far I've only been to the airport on the way to or from another country. Japanese foods, sightseeing, and err... hottie watching would be on my list of things to do.

And I would have liked to eat the biggest muffin breakfast sandwich I've seen to date, from McDonald's. Where else? Speaking of a date, who would you choose to share a giant sandwich with?
I'm not saying Paris Hilton would be my first choice, but she did look totally beautiful eating that huge burger in the Carl's Jr. commercial. (I'm still looking for cool links, but I like Paris so I will do my best to show her respect.) So what the heck, I'd choose... the Japanese version of her... Is there one? Pretty, sexy, skinny and looks like she couldn't take two bites of a burger, leaving the rest for me... hahaha. Alright, my eyes and mind are no longer on the burger.

But food first.

Since many of you are hamburger connoisseurs, and know your local fast food joints, we ought to see what's cooking there. Perhaps they have perfected the burger in the Philippines. This one looks so delicious!

There's nothing quite like hanging out with friends and eating fast food, for example at a KFC in Thailand, where these cute ladyboys seem to be having a great time.

When I visited Thailand, we went out to eat fast food almost every day because the apartment didn't have a kitchen. Never had I seen so many 7-Eleven stores. Uhh yeah, and never did convenience stores see my face so often. Gosh, maybe they would even remember who I am.

Another place that would be neat to visit is Taiwan, coz they also have some very hot chicks there. Not just when it's hot outside. haha (Now I'm no longer talking 'bout chicken. Male readers know where I'm heading...) Actually, let me rephrase the last sentence: In Taiwan there must be lots of pretty girls in their 20's, but if you spot one you might like to be friends with, the question is does she eat fast food? Ok, it doesn't matter coz she is gorgeous beyond description... And yeah, you are right. I shouldn't always be thinking about my stomach. Also, I better not forget to put on cologne before stepping off the airplane. (More fiction.)

Then after smiling, a sufficient amount of cordial behavior, including the requisite firm, yet friendly handshake, saving hugs for private moments (like my dreams) I will suggest a trip to the nearest burger joint so we can get acquainted. Yes, I am a nerd until the end of time. After that, I have no idea what will happen. My guess is I won't be a nerd anymore but my guess is that heaven won't be full of single, available, interested gals, either. That part sounds too much like Earth. LOL I hope there are burgers and fries, ice cream, and some other yummy foods up there! Then I can blog it, with lots of really cool links.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rhubarb Pie

This is a piece of rhubarb pie.

It's a 'Mom-made' dessert which I look forward to eating each spring, then again in the summer and whenever else it's available. This isn't a recent photo, though I did finish off the last piece of such a pie a couple of days ago.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Best Iced Americano and more

Best iced Americano, with half-and-half:
Sorbenots Coffee in Ontario purchased in the drive thru,
November '07

My photo of Sorbenots Coffee house in Ontario, Oregon USA
What I liked about this Americano more than the others was the great coffee flavor and aroma yet not bitter like some others. Love should be that way too.
It was the same day my parents had their anniversary party. Talk about a nice coincidence. I probably should have eaten a sandwich, but gave in to the urge for an espresso. Sure glad I did.
Sorbenots beat out the the coffee competition on that single coffee shop stop, including world-famous Starbucks which in my opinion did make the most tasty Americanos last year than the others. So, the coffee buzz does go both ways, they serve up great coffee and people are talking about Starbucks.
As an important note, McDonald's iced coffee with the hazelnut flavor was my choice for best coffee of all last year. My only problem is deciding which McDonald's store made the best iced coffee. I'll figure it out and get back to you on that one.
Finally, a super-caffeinated moment from the past:
Oh so tired... I almost didn't make it...
to Starbucks. After driving most of the
day on an '06 vacation and stopping
several times for various reasons foremost
of which was a caffeine snack, I looked sort of like a ghost,
thanks to help from the camera flash.

Don't be afraid. We all get tired sometimes, which
is why we never seem to get tired of our
morning, afternoon, or evening coffee.
Have a fun weekend!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blog Dog of the Universe

Dolly is a blogging Beauty! It's a fairytale of sorts.

Well, I do the writing and she just looks cute and acts like a piggy when given the opportunity.

In the future, we might turn Dolly's food fantasy into some real mindbending science fiction, where Dolly travels all around the universe and samples food on every planet. I'm afraid to think how big she will grow to be. But we will rake in the burgers and fries (code words for big bucks, coz Dolly prefers to communicate in the language of food) when the trilogy is finished showing to audiences all over this planet.

And another thing, it's "Fast Food Yummy" coz it's the "Yummy" feeling (heck, this is my blog, it's a feeling) you get which only comes from eating great tasting fast food. Not the lousy stuff of course. We love readers of this blog (thanks), well Dolly does if you've got some food for her. lol Really she is such a friendly and kind dog.

Hey everyone, Happy summer! or Happy spring! Stay cool!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Burritos taste best when my love life sucks

Taco Bell's burritos are a fun, tasty meal or snack,
especially in times when I'm also hungry for love.

This digital photo, which I took four or five months ago, was not altered or edited. I did have some leftlovers because being on a diet, I can't eat much in one meal. When I lived alone in a little apartment years ago (probably will again in the future) bean burritos from Taco Bell were my choice because I could usually find enough change in the car to order them.

Now my mind has gone blank. Maybe I'm hungry. Anyway, I wrote some comments about why gals say they will pay for what they order, but then I decided it probably wasn't good for me to write they only do that because they don't want to feel obligated to kiss guys good night. Uhh oops! Let's change the subject.

I know I can find more coins under the seat of the car to buy burritos for my beautiful date too. Nevermind the kisses. I'll just imagine them. haha Maybe the 'lonely-guy' apartment is still waiting for me. Sure hope no females read this post. Oh well, maybe they will feel sorry for me. That's what this blog writer needs, sympathy kisses. I might even tell a lady she can pay for her own meal. So she can be in control. See what a nice guy I am. Yup. I do see lots of burritos in my future. And they are going to taste great!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bad News: Small Town McDonald's Closes; Good News: There are Two More McDonald's Restaurants in Town

Last year at a McDonald's
inside Wal-Mart Supercenter

This evening, when I went to the local Wal-Mart, I found a big empty space where the small McDonald's restaurant had been for years, up until less than a week ago. Hard to believe it was gone, after all the fun times eating or getting a cold drink there, like last summer when McD's iced coffee was my favorite way to cool off.

This McDonald's restaurant, one of three in town, was not always perfect, as the service was slow at times and the other two offered more foods on the menu. But in the morning this was a great hangout, when it was quiet and the tables were clean.