Friday, May 16, 2008

Best Iced Americano and more

Best iced Americano, with half-and-half:
Sorbenots Coffee in Ontario purchased in the drive thru,
November '07

My photo of Sorbenots Coffee house in Ontario, Oregon USA
What I liked about this Americano more than the others was the great coffee flavor and aroma yet not bitter like some others. Love should be that way too.
It was the same day my parents had their anniversary party. Talk about a nice coincidence. I probably should have eaten a sandwich, but gave in to the urge for an espresso. Sure glad I did.
Sorbenots beat out the the coffee competition on that single coffee shop stop, including world-famous Starbucks which in my opinion did make the most tasty Americanos last year than the others. So, the coffee buzz does go both ways, they serve up great coffee and people are talking about Starbucks.
As an important note, McDonald's iced coffee with the hazelnut flavor was my choice for best coffee of all last year. My only problem is deciding which McDonald's store made the best iced coffee. I'll figure it out and get back to you on that one.
Finally, a super-caffeinated moment from the past:
Oh so tired... I almost didn't make it...
to Starbucks. After driving most of the
day on an '06 vacation and stopping
several times for various reasons foremost
of which was a caffeine snack, I looked sort of like a ghost,
thanks to help from the camera flash.

Don't be afraid. We all get tired sometimes, which
is why we never seem to get tired of our
morning, afternoon, or evening coffee.
Have a fun weekend!