Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blog Dog of the Universe

Dolly is a blogging Beauty! It's a fairytale of sorts.

Well, I do the writing and she just looks cute and acts like a piggy when given the opportunity.

In the future, we might turn Dolly's food fantasy into some real mindbending science fiction, where Dolly travels all around the universe and samples food on every planet. I'm afraid to think how big she will grow to be. But we will rake in the burgers and fries (code words for big bucks, coz Dolly prefers to communicate in the language of food) when the trilogy is finished showing to audiences all over this planet.

And another thing, it's "Fast Food Yummy" coz it's the "Yummy" feeling (heck, this is my blog, it's a feeling) you get which only comes from eating great tasting fast food. Not the lousy stuff of course. We love readers of this blog (thanks), well Dolly does if you've got some food for her. lol Really she is such a friendly and kind dog.

Hey everyone, Happy summer! or Happy spring! Stay cool!