Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Burritos taste best when my love life sucks

Taco Bell's burritos are a fun, tasty meal or snack,
especially in times when I'm also hungry for love.

This digital photo, which I took four or five months ago, was not altered or edited. I did have some leftlovers because being on a diet, I can't eat much in one meal. When I lived alone in a little apartment years ago (probably will again in the future) bean burritos from Taco Bell were my choice because I could usually find enough change in the car to order them.

Now my mind has gone blank. Maybe I'm hungry. Anyway, I wrote some comments about why gals say they will pay for what they order, but then I decided it probably wasn't good for me to write they only do that because they don't want to feel obligated to kiss guys good night. Uhh oops! Let's change the subject.

I know I can find more coins under the seat of the car to buy burritos for my beautiful date too. Nevermind the kisses. I'll just imagine them. haha Maybe the 'lonely-guy' apartment is still waiting for me. Sure hope no females read this post. Oh well, maybe they will feel sorry for me. That's what this blog writer needs, sympathy kisses. I might even tell a lady she can pay for her own meal. So she can be in control. See what a nice guy I am. Yup. I do see lots of burritos in my future. And they are going to taste great!