Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Falling in Tart with Love requires Lotsa 'Sugar'

The title is rather puzzling to me. I have no idea what it means except perhaps when the love is missing, more sugar can't hurt. Well don't overdo it, but adding a little sweetness to one's personality also is not a bad idea. Maybe I ought to take my own advice.

All I know is, "Falling in Love with Tart" (flavor), the title I thought of using before I moved the words around and added to them, would have been an exaggeration of my July obsession with black and red currants. Yeah, they are great when sweetened, and I especially like to eat them with yogurt.

Another potential title that I scrapped before publishing this entry was "Where's the Love in Logic?" And also: "Where's the Logic in Love?" I guess it's a guy thing, or just a me thing, not being able to understand relationships and why they fall apart.

The dessert (last time) was decorated, photographed and eaten a couple of days before the post. I decided to do this part ahead of time because I knew sadness would prevent me from getting much done on that day.
While we no longer have an active romantic relationship, I do cherish the memories of our love which will remain in my heart and mind forever.