Thursday, July 03, 2008

More than Cereal

Today began when I rolled out of bed. It was warm in bed, but there was no lady with her arms around me. Believe me. The room was just warm, that's all. So then, after spooning into my mouth a somewhat bland breakfast cereal, which I used to love and still like now and then, I began to think about blogging. Life sure can be boring. Anyway, I'm not letting boredom or computer viruses, adware and other annoyances get me down.

Hey, it's still warm in here. The air conditioner isn't working. But perhaps Paris Hilton being a hottie has something to do with it, too. I saw her pretty face on the Internet again today. She's everywhere it seems. Actually, and unbelievably, my mom wanted to know more about Paris, so being the good guy that I am, I looked Paris up on a web site that provides information on lots of stuff including celebrities. Some sort of computer virus or spyware got started at the same time. The anti-virus program didn't work so I had to restart the computer and lost the web page about Paris. And now I realize, I never really had her in the first place. haha

Been there, done that before. It always hurts no matter how many times it happens. Joking around helps me to not feel so sad.

Note: I currently have no love life. Chatting doesn't count. Sure, some people send kisses online, but unless lips are touching other lips, it's just a little better than a fantasy. I'm a guy. That's obvious. But I do have a sensitive side.

Right now, it would be funny to break into song. But my life isn't a musical. Maybe yours is? If we were singing together in the morning over our bowls of cereal--birds chirping in the background (sounds kinda corny)-- I'm thinking cereal eating wouldn't be quite so boring. Care to join me for cereal? haha Of course I'm joking. Better to start with ice cream.

This was written almost three days ago, when the air conditioner wasn't working. Thank goodness it is now. It's still hot outside in the afternoon. I went to A&W last evening and had a root beer shake. That's after mom and I went to Taco Time for burritos. Everything tasted great!

My mind is thinking about more sweets, such as Gajar Halwa and Dudhi Halwa, which are Indian desserts I've made before. Pics of halwa, cookies, waffles with ice cream and other desserts could be posted in the days or weeks to come.

In a related note, it was nice to find a blog about Indian actresses. Here's a gorgeous actress. Now I'm not thinking about food anymore. I guess that's obvious.

No, I never dated a famous actress, though maybe a couple of girlfriends were acting. So my only advice is: When you tell someone you love them, you should mean it. And if it's a person who likes many of the same things you do--great music, movies, fast food, etc.-- that's very, very cool!

It's midnight. I'll find a picture of food to post. Then I will get back to you. Take care.