Friday, September 26, 2008

Sidewalks to Fast Food Sightseeing in NE Portland

He sometimes uses his head to give props to fast food. But he doesn't really use his head to prop up fast food signs. It only looks that way in this photo, and actually he's way below the sign. And yes, 'he' is me.

Burger King was one of the restaurants I saw as I walked on the sidewalk in NE Portland, Oregon. Going for a walk is fun and helps me work up an appetite for fast food. haha My buddy was going to meet me later in the evening so I didn't eat at Burger King this time. But I did order coffee, soda or a snack at other BK restaurants during my trip.

I'm the writer of this blog which is not connected to fast food companies. The trademarks and logos are property of their owners. I try to be as objective as possible, but I regularly provide my opinion, combined with occasional humor and other topics that come up (or come to mind) when I'm hanging out with friends, or by myself, having a snack, meal or soft drink. Take care and have a great day!