Sunday, October 05, 2008

If you want me to dance until breakfast, serve it at 10 p.m.

During my walk in Portland (see last post), I spotted a Wendy's (pictured below), and during the same walk saw McDonald's and Burger King. It's convenient when they are in the same area. I didn't eat fast food in any of those places because there was a dance that evening. Not that I know how to dance. Clearly I'm a much better eater than a dancer. haha

Anybody else out there like to dance at home and sing along with a song on the radio while looking in the mirror. I know some of you are saying "Me, Me, Me!" Hmm, ok, thanks for that. But No, you didn't just win a contest. LOL

Here's how the Wendy's sign looked a couple of weeks ago, when I took the picture from the sidewalk.
But actually what I like most about Wendy's are their chicken sandwiches, which are among my favorite fast foods ever. But I was hungry for breakfast because they were advertising it at this Wendy's. And where I live the Wendy's doesn't open early for breakfast. That's ok, I could eat breakfast at night if they choose to add it to their menu in the future. Hint, hint...

This is part of another photo from the sidewalk. It was a large photo so I cropped it to show why I was hungry for breakfast, not supper, in the evening.

Almost forgot to finish with my little story about a night on the town... I was on my way to the dance and also planned to spend some time with my best buddy, especially when talking about sports and other topics of interest to single guys. Ok, how can I explain this... perhaps it's best to say: Ladies, we hope you talk about us, too. Yeah, I'd add 'haha' but this time I really, really mean it. Bye!