Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun winter treat!

One time this month when it snowed, I decided to eat Hostess "sno balls". There are two in a pack. The small marshmallow-and-coconut covered chocolate cakes (cream-filled) are a sweet snack. Each one is soft on the outside, and that's obvious when giving it a little squeeze. Hostess Sno Balls look like... well, a bit like real snowballs.

Although they could also remind many people of what they have been missing ...which is a dessert-snack for breakfast?! Yes, I mean fun! Good, clean fun! (Don't eat this if you can't eat sweets.) Not the kind of fun you have all night long, then in the morning eat a dessert-snack for breakfast before going to bed as the sun rises. No, absolutely not! But true, I am a man!

After dinner, I'll open another pair of Hostess Sno Balls, and share! Note: The word "pair" was used because it rhymed with "share". haha See you next time!