Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Favorite Chicken Sandwich of '08

My choice for Best-tasting chicken sandwich
in 2008: Arby's Chicken Cordon Bleu

Well, actually it was the second time
I ate this Arby's chicken sandwich -- in the last three days.
The photo is of my New Year's Day dinner this evening.

The Cheddar Curly Fries added even more great flavor to what I feel was one of my favorite fast-food meals in 2008. Oh yeah, I'm talking about the previous time I ate the sandwich and fries, on the 30th of December, when I treated Mom and Dad to lunch.

Yeah, technically I'm writing, not talking but if you were here, I'd be speaking with you like I am writing now, so it's sort of like we are together, even though we're not... but we can still be friends, right? Cool! Take care!
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