Monday, March 30, 2009

Iced Coffee Should Always be so Yummy!

Here's a photo of the best tasting iced coffee
I've had so far this year. It has that hazelnut flavor
I really love. (I drank a little of the iced coffee

before snapping this photo.)

I bought this iced coffee on Sunday, in the
drive thru of Freeway McDonald's restaurant (near Kmart)
in Ontario, Oregon. The guy who made it did a great job!

Thank you!

Actually, I've ordered iced coffee at Jack in the Box more often this year and have been to four or more of those restaurants, generally buying it at the drive-thru window.

I also drank iced coffee beverages from two Burger King locations. The two iced coffees tasted quite different to me, and the second of the two was way too sweet for me and didn't seem like there was as much caffeine as the first time, when it was very good and very competitive in terms of quality and flavor.

But the McDonald's iced coffee beverage is better than the others, so far. The plastic cup says this is (made with) "Premium Roast Coffee" and it sure tastes like an excellent coffee to me. Maybe I'll write more at a later date.

Note: The trademarks, brands, copyrights are the property of their owners. I don't own a fast food business and I'm not employed by a fast food business. I'm a blogger and this is my blog about fast food and some other topics I have been known to think about when I'm eating fast food or drinking a soft drink, coffee, tea, or just relaxing. I believe in freedom of speech! I hope the world gets more freedom of speech for all people, everywhere!

There! That's all. I'm finished with this post. I just thought you should know. haha Ok take care. See ya.

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