Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looks like a very elegant dessert for a picnic in paradise...

even though this was just my way
of having some creative fun with food
on Friday evening.

The cake was from the grocery store. I decorated it
with pineapple, kumquats, and the juice of
a lime and a Moro orange, and powdered sugar on top. Also,
those are thin lime slices, which kinda look like cute little green wheels. The cake was not moist enough, so I feel the fruit and fruit juice really helped improve the quality of the dessert.

I shared with my folks and they said they liked it. I'm
glad they said that, because then I can say they said it and of course
it makes me look good.

My other final paragraph, which I decided to add back went something like: Even if beauties dressed for the beach, which wouldn't be over-dressed, of course, had stopped by for a bite to eat, I would have had to say: NO! Because now I'm just saying No to temptation. Umm... until next Friday, anyway. haha

Ok, just a question: Did anybody give up kissing and hugging for Lent? I thought not. Well, if you're not getting any, like me lately, you can't give it up. Ooh I'm so funny! My eyes just did that dance from side to side, like way too silly for description.

Anyway, I want to give up NOT kissing and hugging but it doesn't have anything to do with religion. However, it would be cool to find a single, available church girl, or two, in their (I mean her) 20's to 40's, who also want (yeah, "wants", she wants) to give up not kissing and hugging. I still have a goofy expression on my face. Now I must go in search of fast food. Who knows, maybe I'll even see you out there somewhere, but I doubt it. Stay cool. See ya later!
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