Friday, March 27, 2009

On this particular early-morning trip to Jack in the Box

I had to ask for some half and half
and sugar because the iced coffee
was a touch on the strong side, but
it didn't really make me as strong as
the photo, which was not edited,

seems to suggest.

Yeah, I'm barely able to hold up the iced coffee so early in the morning but that doesn't mean I'm a total basket case. I have pride, a sense of humor and a way with words. God bless me! I need it!

The photo gives the impression that I could fight monsters bigger than buildings, though the cup is very small compared to and a number of feet below that big Jack in the Box sign which has the appearance of a pretty, giant cube. At least if you are like me and you have a thing for fast-food signs.

Anyway, monsters?? Oh, I'm scared! I'm not joking now because I didn't write "haha" and, even though I don't believe there are monsters out there somewhere that want to fight me, I wouldn't want them to think I was laughing at them, if there were monsters, that is. Besides, if I saw such a monster, I'd be the first one out of the restaurant. But they better not get near my iced coffee.

I do like Jack in the Box's iced coffee. The first time I drank it was the best, although I would have to say the most recent time I had their iced coffee (not pictured), it also tasted great! Creamy, slightly sweet, smooth and not bitter, I felt it was nearly as good as McDonald's iced coffee, though somewhat different in flavor.

The pictured iced coffee was from another Jack in the Box restaurant. I sensed the coffee was freshly brewed but wasn't creamy enough or thoroughly stirred in and the flavor was alright but it wasn't very sweet. Like I already pointed out, I stirred in sugar and half and half. Then the iced coffee was the way I like it.

In my opinion, McDonald's still has the best iced coffee in flavor and consistency. I'll keep trying other iced coffees, and see what I think.