Friday, March 06, 2009

So Late It's Early!

My late-night (or is it early morning?)
SNACK! It was 3:30 a.m. and everyone probably was
asleep in this time zone --well not everyone, but
it has the sound of a book I would never finish--
and of course I'm only referring to humans, not the outline
on the wall.

What I'm holding here in my hand is the Supreme Croissant
from Jack in the Box. I went to their drive-thru on the way back here
(No, I'm not saying I live inside this blog, though that would be kinda cool)
after an outing which included shopping and drinking a small milkshake, small soda and three ice coffees at different locations. It's now 4:40 a.m., Friday morning. I think I'll be up for a while, perhaps until Saturday. Haha better mean I'm joking this time. Now I think I'll wind down by watching a TV show. And yeah, I probably would seem more real if I were a sitcom character. There's a silly expression on my face right now. No, you really don't want to see a photo!
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